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 Why should you use smilies?

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PostSubject: Why should you use smilies?   Sat Apr 26, 2008 8:22 pm

Okay, so you're new to the forums. Or maybe you just don't understand the importance on smilies. Either way, no matter what your case, you should understand the importance of smilies, how to use them, and when they are appropriate.

Simply put; it is a good way to express feelings and tones of posts. I have seen way too many brawls a la misinterpretation or miscommunication through posts started here that could have been easily avoided. For example, read the following situations.

Post 1:
Yeah I seen that deathbyporkchop guy last night, what an asshole.

Post 2:
Yeah I seen that deathbyporkchop guy last night, what an asshole. Razz

Do you see the difference? 90% of all language is communicated through nonverbal messages. While both posts have the same words, the first post gives the feeling of seriousness, whilst the second one is obviously posing the comment as a joke.

You may ask yourself? "Why not just say jk? Well, as guilty as I am of doing it, it looks really unprofessional. The more Aimspeak we allow, the more our forums lose their decorum (As if there was any Razz *Perfect Example*).

Okay, you now understand why smilies matter more than you thought. But how many smilies are there, and is there a quicker way to get them in my post?

And there you go. A crash course in smilies, hopefully with this quick introduction, you will learn the many other advantages of smilies and how useful they really are.

Some of the smilies can be used in aide in flaming someone. DO NOT misuse smilies to flame someone. I've done it before, and I regret it 100%. Just do not do it. Even if you ignore me, you'll probably get it from a mod with less good feelings, in fact only infractions and bans will result.

Good luck on the smiley usage everyone!!! Very Happy Hope everything works out alright, especially you forum nubs. Wink Razz

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Why should you use smilies?
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