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 24 hours in the life of... Part 3

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PostSubject: 24 hours in the life of... Part 3   Mon May 05, 2008 5:59 pm

Okay, title say it all, part 3... part 4 coming soon Razz


Itís already afternoon. Daron walks around in town and then takes out his phone, dialing a well-known number.
Beep Ė beep Ė beep Ė beep Ė click.
Serj: Hello?
Daron: Hey Serj, this is Daron.
Serj: Hey man, whatís up?
Daron: Uhm, dunnoÖ to be honest, Iím not really well these daysÖ I need to talk to someone.
Serj: Aw okay, no problem, Iím home anyway, just come over to my place.
Daron: Okay, Iíll be there in about half an hour. Thanks, man.
Serj: Youíre welcome.

About thirty minutes later, Daron knocks on Serjís door. Serj opens.
Serj: Hey Daron.
Daron: (hugs Serj) Hey.
Serj: Come in. Something to drink?
Daron: UhmÖ yeah, Iíll have a beer.
Serj goes and gets two bottles of beer out of the fridge. When he comes back to the living room, Daron is sitting on the couch, rubbing his hands nervously.
Daron: (takes the beer) Thanks.
Serj: (sits down as well) So whatís the matter? You sounded soÖ desperate.
Daron: (sighs) I fucking am desperate.
Serj: Why?
Daron: Dude, if I tell youÖ you will think Im insane.
Serj: (smiles) Daron, I know you for so many years and Iím sure you are insane. Youíve told me so many thingsÖ it canít be worse than the day you claimed to be a woman in the wrong body, remember?!
Daron: YeahÖ but this time itís even worse.
Serj: So? You will feel better when you tell me.
Daron: (breathes in) OkayÖ wellÖ a couple of weeks ago, my dick started talking to me, and Ö he acts like a real bitch, he hates me, man, he even forced me to let him sing on our first SOB album and Ö he tries to control my life and I donít know what to do anymore.
Serj: (nods patiently) Is that it?
Daron: (twinkles) What... yeah, thatís it, man. Itís bad enough though, isnít it.
Serj: It depends.
Daron: Damnit, Serj, how can you be so fucking calm all the time?! I just told you that my fucking dick is talking to me, TALKING, did you get that, and all you do is sit there and say ďit dependsĒ?!
Serj: Yeah.
Daron: (rolls his eyes) Donít you find it at least a little amazing that my cock is talking to me and even singing on our album?
Serj: No.
Daron: NO?
Serj: Well, Iím a little surprised that he insisted on singing and that he hates you Ė usually cocks and their guys get along well...
Daron: Usually? What the fuck... wait Ė does that mean your dick is talking to you, too?
Serj: Sure he does. He started talking to me when I was twelve.
Daron: Youíre not kidding me, are you?!
Serj: No, why should I?!
Daron: And... he doesnít hate you? Doesnít bash you? Doesnít give you orders?
Serj: No, of course not. We have always been best friends. I never make any decision without asking him for his opinion. We talk things over and the agree on one or the other. This is how it works.
Daron: I canít belive it! You never told me!
Serj: Why should I have told you? ďHey, man, wait a second, I gotta ask my dick first?Ē Or should I have told you that I wrote my songs together with him?
Daron: You did WHAT?
Serj: Yeah, sure. We make a good team, donít we?!
Daron: (scratches his head) I fucking canít believe whatís going on here! Man, you gotta tell me what to do now! I canít stand him anymore, he is driving me insane, I .. I even thought about cutting him off just to be left alone.
Serj: Maybe you should let him talk to me.
Daron: Man, this is weird, I donít know...
Serj: Come on, Iíve seen your dick before, and youíve seen mine, so what?!
Daron: (hesitates) Uhm.. well, okay. (he pulls his pants down and gets out Schnibbel) Hey, man, my friend Serj wants to talk to you.
Schnibbel.: What the fuck... damnit, didnít I tell you to keep me inside your pants, asshole?
Serj: Itís my fault, I asked him to. Hi, nice to meet you.. I guess.
Schnibbel: So you are the asshole. Not nice to meet you.
Serj: No need to be so rude, I just want to find out whatís wrong between you and Daron...
Schnibbel: Are you serious? Just look at him!
Serj: Uhm, okay, that beard is not really handsome, but... I donít belive thatís the problem between the two of you.
Schnibbel: HE is the fucking problem. He sucks.
Serj: You might be right, but youíve known him all you life. It didnít take you 32 years to find out he sucks, right?!
Schnibbel: No. Iíve known that all his and my life.
Serj: So whatís wrong now? Did anything happen?
Schnibbel: No.
Daron: See, heís just a fucking bitch.
Schnibbel: You are the bitch, asshole.
Serj: This doesnít take us anywhere. Canít we just talk like adults?
Schnibbel: No. I wonít talk to you anyway. Iím fed up with talking to you guys. You all suck.
Serj: (scratches his head) Okay.. so would you talk to Pogo Stick then?
Daron: Who the fuck.. aw.. itís your dick, right?
Serj: Yes.
Schnibbel: Well... yes, I would... maybe.
Serj: (sighs) Wait, I gotta ask him first... (he gets up, leaves the room and comes back after a minute) Okay, he agrees to talk to you. Usually we never do this, but this is a special situation, I guess, so... (he drops his pants)...

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PostSubject: Re: 24 hours in the life of... Part 3   Mon May 05, 2008 7:36 pm

I just tried to imagine Serj and Daron standing next to each other with their pants on the ground.

It was so clear! It was so clear it would be called Pogo Stick and that Serj and his cock like each other.
Oh no, now I imagie what the four cocks talk about when they're in the tour bus at night. Silke, you get me insane. Shall I tell Serjical Strike Records about your stories? Maybe Serj wants to publish them...

Change? Pls

That's all folks!

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PostSubject: Re: 24 hours in the life of... Part 3   Tue May 06, 2008 9:09 am

Ha..Brad , what a good idea !!!

Silke ,Silke , Silke...since i know your taste snapy i bet you will describe "pogo"
as the biggest of all ....
pf..maybe of those four ones....you know what i mean Wink
I am so curious to hear the name of Shavoīs cock Rolling Eyes Laughing
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PostSubject: Re: 24 hours in the life of... Part 3   

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24 hours in the life of... Part 3
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