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 Light in the Eyes

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PostSubject: Light in the Eyes   Thu Jul 31, 2008 7:07 pm

"Nika, it's time to prepare!"
I looked my reflection in the mirror,and suddently i saw the song i would have had to perform that night.
"Ego Brain".
I was pretty sure that it wasn't going to eb so good.
I liked that song too much to strip on it in the way they wanted me to.
My name is Nicole, here known as Nika, and yes, I was a stripper.
I used to work in this club called "Hell" , somewhere in LA, when i was 20 or so.
I just fuckin needed money, guys.
And if u have a sweet body, the curves in the right places, you're paid a lot for it.
I didn't work as a slut, i wasn't at the time and I am not now.
Back to that night, I was not comfortable at all to strip on that, plus that i had nothing to use as costume.
Well, nothing is an exaguration.
It took me ages to decide what to wear: i had to think about the fact that that was a birthday strip,
but the song was everythign but happy.
I wondered who was the ass who decided for that.
"Are you ready, uh?"
"Where are we goin?"
"Surprise!!!You can't know untill we're there."
"Daron, stop it."
"Stop being the same old fag, Serj.enjoy your life, man."
Serj said to John, with lower voice:
"I don't think a strip is a great gift"
John looked at him.
"Man, we will see boobs, REAL boobs!"
"Yeah, true, you just see online ones"
"You fag"replied John, drinking the 4th beer of the night.
Serj was not that happy, that night.
He was just waiting to go back home.
Ok, it was shavo's birthday.
Ok, they decided to give him as a gift a strip, but HELL, why the hell did daron throw in the fire his own gift, a book called:
"the history of bass through the centuries:from the middle ages to the XXI century."
It was fuckin intresting!
"I have just one word for this, BORING" said daron, throwing it away, "a strip would help more,
he seemed so depressed during our last recording session..."
I had to admitt that was true.
"But why ego brain?"
"YOU know how much he likes that song!"
"it's depressing, though."
John took a deep breath.
"Serj, stop beahaving as our dad, enjoy the night.Don't tell me that u prefere 3 cocks to a pair of tits."
"No, i don't" he replied, and entered the club with them, sighing.
Black top, black panties, boots ending right on my knees.
Yes, I seemed a terrible Whore.
But i really didn't care.
My make-up was flaking. I always used to cry before the performance, but this time time I didn't wipe my tears,
I took them with me onto the stage, where the pole was waiting for me
The song started:I was just dancing, when I saw them.
I was kinda surprised.
In front of me, there were Daron, Shavo, John and Serj, aka System of a Down.
And they were all looking at my boobs.
John was obsessive.
He kept on pointing at her breast, yelling:
"THAT's what i meant!BOOOOOOOOOBS!"
"Shut up, you're drunk"
"Serj, stop being.."
"...the same old fag, I know, I KNOW" ended Serj, looking at the girl.
She was a kind of attractive girl:long black hair, glacial blue eyes, a body that yelled "rape me" with all these curves.
Her skin seemed tanned, but he was pretty sure that was her nautral colour.
Their eyes met for a second.
Serj got lost in the depth of these sad, sad eyes, with flakin make up around them.
That's why he decided, while the others would have been flirting with all the girls in there, that he would have talked with her.
Daron was lookign at him straight in his eyes.
"You see?she just put her boobs in front of Shavo's eyes!We need a beer!"
Serj wasn't intrested.
In the air, he could hear the song.
*....you took me by the hand, and declaired, that love prevails, over all...*
The girl came near him, and took his hand,coming near his ear.
"You can see my pain is real..."she said quietly.
"..watch my world dissolve.."replied him with low voice.
the song was over, the curtain fell.
And Serj felt filled.
He didn't even know what was goin to happen next.
No way.
System of a Down right in front of me.
And I had to show them my breasts.
I could have had my tits signed from shavo at least...just because i put them in front of his nose.
But these eyes.
I don't think i will ever forget serj's eyes.
he had an aura around him
And i just said some lyrics from the song.
"you see my pain is real"
I felt SO pathetic.
I didn't even know him, why did I tell him he could see my pain?
I was lost in these thoughts, when somebody knocked on the door.
"Gosh, what am i doin?"thought Serj, a second after he knocked the door.
A yell came out from the cosed door.
"Mike, fuckin hell, I told you at least a thousand times that after the show I must..."
When she opened the door, surprise appeared on her face.
She was still wearing the top of the show, but she had half opened jeans that were showing a cute pair of panties with little mouses.
She didn't say a word, and she closed the door behind her.
"Go away, Serj"
"No way.I wanna talk with you."replied calmly Serj.
She opened the door a little.
"I don't usually meet strangers after the show."
"But you opened the door to me."said serj, putting his hand on hers
"I didn't know it was you, Tank."she replied, taking away that hand.
He laughed.
"Tank" he said, "just that asshole fo daron calls me Tank soemtimes!"
The door opened completely.
"you're a weirdo Serj"she said, closing her jeans, "but I think you can coem in, for a second or two."
Serj felt happy, and he didnt know why.
God, I dunno why I let him come in.
He kept on lookign around my dresing room, that was pretty small, and then he sat on the little sofa I had in there.
"it's comfy."
"I know"I replied.
i was fuckin embarassed.
Serj Tankian was sitting in my dressing room, going to light a cigarette, while I was just standing on my feet in the middle of the room.
"What do you want?"I said.
Serj looked at me with his warm eyes, and offered em a cigarette.
"No, thanks, i don't smoke"
serj smiled.
"You don't?I do"
I took the cigarette away from his mouth.
"you are a singer, smoking hurts your throat, you should know this."
Serj looked at me in a weird way.
I felt as if he was scanning my soul.
"You're a weird girl..what's your name?"
It was my turn to look at him weirdly.
"First, man, I am not weird at all, I just want to prevent your throat to be damaged, second, my name is Nicole, or Nika, if your prefere to remember the name i use when I work."
He closed his eyes for a while.
"Nicole.I like how it sounds in my head.Nic-ole.I like it, Nicole."
I laughed.
"Write me a song, titled Nic-Hole."
His eyes became serious, his whole face turned serious.
"I might do, yea.I can write it, for you.But why u say Nic-Hole?"
I took his hand in mine, and i said, slowly.
"Because my life is a huge, huge black hole."
Serj look in my eyes.
That light, again.
"What if we continue this conversation somewhere else?
I was kinda surprised.
"and where?"
Serj smiled.
"in front of a piano.I want to write you this song."
Serj was not sure of what he was doing.
He was taking this stripper at home, n front of his piano, to write her a song.
"wait me here, please"he said, leaving her alone near his car,"I gotta talk with the others."
Nicole knew that they wouldn't have believed that Serj wanted to go away with her to write her a song.
even herself didn't believe Serj.
But for strange reasons, she thought that the could trust that man.
While she was waiting, Serj was looking for the less drunk of his friends.
But that was hard.
John was dancing on a table with a girl dangerously near his fuckin machine, shavo was sitting in a corner with that ridicolous hat and with eyes closed, probably too drunk to do anything.
the only one was(oh dear)daron.
He was sitting at the bar, drinking a bailyss and talking with a sweet girl that was around 20, more or less.
The guy looked at him with his brown eyes, deeply lost in rivers of alcool.
"yea man what do u want, my dear friend?hug meeeeee, I need drugs, or hugs, ehehe."said daron, moving weirdly on the chair.
Serj asked himself why he just didn't go home, without sayign a word to anybody.
"I am going home, daron..ill see you tomorrow in the studio, I guess"
Daron hugged him.
"yeaaaa man fro sureee.i gotta sing weeeeee'ree oooooooon druuuugs together, whoeeee ehehe"
Serj walked away.
"I ahte when people are too drunk, do you?"said Nicole, seeing his expresion when he arrived to the car.
"I do.I really do."replied serj, opening the door of the car.
"So,"she said,"you REALLY want to write me a song?"
"for sure"said serj, looking in her eyes.
"i never joke when I talk about music"
Nicole was sure about a thing:Serj was different from the other men.
and she also knew, that her night would have changed her life.
I couldnt believe what was happening to me.
I was sitting in Serj tankian's car, talking with him, and singing some songs with him.
"i didn't know you liked elton John."
serj laughed.
"John likes him a lot, he gave me this cd.And "your song" is absolutely my favourite."
Actualy, I wasn't sure that THAT song was his fave.
Serj has never been so good with lies.
Or at least, not with me.
"we are here"he said, looking at his garden,"pretty small, Nicole, but still a great house."
I think that Serj doesn't understand the word "small".
His house was more or less 4 times mine, not counting the garden.
Yes, that was the only word that went out of my mouth.
But wow wouldn't have been enough, to describe what I saw inside.
A piano, right near the door.
A collection of guitars near the sofa.
a HUGE bong at the center of the table, that Serj ran to cover, blushing.
"You know, "he said, "soemimes we come here to write songs, and we need it.."
Nicole looked straight in his eyes.
"Will we need it tonight?"
"I have your eyes.This is enought to write you a song." he replied, stroking her hand.
She took it off.
"No way." she thought, "I don't want to be with you, man."
Serj sat at the piano and forgot to ask her if she wanted to sit or anything.
In that moment, there was just him, and his piano.
Nicole sat on the sofa, far away from him, and picked a guitar, that was standing against the couch.
On that, there was a writing in white, saying:
"man, u need a NEW guitar.I bought you this one, so u wil stop using the one of when u were 5 years old.That's killing us.Daron ;D"
She started to play it, random notes running on these strings, and when she looke up, she saw Serj lookign at her.
"I like the melody."
Nicole blushed.
"oh thanks.This is just random.Completely random."
"But I like it.Would u mind helping me with the writing?"kindly asked Serj.
"Not at all."
I still have the sheet of paper on which serj wrote that song. Or to be more precise, on which we wrote our song.
"You see her in that room
Lost inside her own doom
You feeling so useless, are u?
You see her in that room
Lost inside her own doom
Deepest eyes meeting you
Won’t we save her?
Lost inside...
Just Nic-Hole...
Do we, do we know,(little girl)
When we fly?
When we, when we go(oh Nikey)
Do we die?
Stripping on that stage
Trying to turn the page
Flying to forget rage
Waiting again to fly
Or better waiting to die
Just to forget a useless life
She sold herself once,
living in the night...
Guilty, and not bright...
Do we, do we know,(little girl)
When we fly?
When we, when we go(oh Nikey)
Do we die?"
That song is still in my heart..even if it's completely different now.
After writing this,Serj proposed me a thing...gosh, that has been truly unbelievble.
"Wow.This song is 2% mine and 98% yous, Nicole"
"Thanks Serj"
He looked at the girl weirdly, and he lighted a cigarette.
"sometimes" he said, "we must recognize people's abilities, even if soemtimes it's hard to.I want to ask you a thing.But you're not meant to say yes, if u don't want to."
she closed her eyes.
"here we go.He will ask me if i want to fuck him."Thought Nicole, tryign to keep tears inside.
Serj became serious:
"I want to save you Nicole.I want you in System of a Down."

Here are the 3 first chapters, hope u like them^^
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Light in the Eyes
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