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 Bear Biles and other Asiaitc "Mdicine"

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PostSubject: Bear Biles and other Asiaitc "Mdicine"   Fri Aug 01, 2008 7:54 am

There is something pissing me off for long .
Probably you all know about eastern asian practice to use body parts of tigers , rhinoceroses
and whatnot as a kind of "natural Viagra" .
And last evening I have heard about another species ,which has to suffer
so much ...and all because asiatic men have inferiority complexes about their penisses !!!!! Evil or Very Mad
And those practices are not lessening , but increasing . More and more korean or chinese people
are moving to the United States . and now the american black bear is hunted for his gall bladder , too .

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PostSubject: Re: Bear Biles and other Asiaitc "Mdicine"   Sun Aug 03, 2008 1:15 pm

I've seen posters of this here. They had abig campaign since the olypmic games.
It's sad how traditions get such a bad shape through ppl who just see money. I bet 200 years ago they went out, hunted a bear and used all it's body parts.

Change? Pls

That's all folks!

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Bear Biles and other Asiaitc "Mdicine"
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