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 Forum's font

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PostSubject: Forum's font   Sun Feb 10, 2008 10:09 am

We use the font "Corinne" for the Forum. It's quite similar to the one of Steal this Album. Of course it's no font everyone has on his computer.
You can get the font here. Much Fun with it!


Q: How do I install a new font on Windows?
A: You have to go to your control panel. You find the button in the start menu of Windows. There you find the "Font" folder. Open it and simply move the font from your desktop to the folder. Windows installs it automatically.
Now you're done, all you have to do is to refresh the site.

Q: I can't load the linked page. What can I do?
A: If you have a proxy make sure it does not block the site. (I have the same problem sometimes) If this does not work, make sure your Browser has full access to the internet and is not blocked by a firewall.
Sometimes a server can be out of order for a few minutes. Wait a bit and try it later again.

Q: The linked page is not found.
A: This is bad. Please inform me via PM and I'll reupload the font within the next days. Or you contact me at MSN or AIM.

Q: I installed the font but it shows not all signs!
A: This font is no professional font. I guess it's made by a SOAD-Fan like us (you can find his eMail-adress in the font). So some signs were never made. I made already some, but if you need a special sign, please contact me and tell me what you need. I'll make it for you.

Q: What can I do if I don't like the font?
A: If you don't like some style elements you can use the Suggestion forum.
Or you simply deinstall the font. The Forum is shown in Arial and Verdana then. If you want to use the font later again, make a copy of it and install it, when you need it. It takes not so much time and efford.

If you have another question please contact me. I'll answer it, if I can. If you want to add something I miss, tell me, please.

Change? Pls

That's all folks!

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Forum's font
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