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PostSubject: Interpretations   Sun Mar 22, 2009 3:43 pm

This was the second FF that I've written. It's a little long-winded but I believe a good story...enjoy:


CHAPTER 1 – The Meeting

Kazie admired herself in the picture window of the club for the thousandth time while waiting in line. It wasn’t that she was narcissist; she was actually quite the opposite always thinking she was not pretty or too fat. She focused on the positive: the way her red hair complimented her hazel eyes and her lips; very full but not overly so and very sensual whether covered with gloss or bare. This was her way of gaining confidence which made her feel sexy. Her heart skipped a beat when she saw the reflection of the tour bus in the window. She had assumed they were already here. The small crowd cheered at their arrival but all Kazie could do is wait in silently in anticipation to see him. She felt like a teenager again waiting to see her favorite boy band then she scolded herself at the comparison. This is no boy band; their music meant more to her than that stimulating all of her senses and forcing her to think for once in her life. The roadies stepped off first then one-by-one members of the band trickled out; Kazie saw his outline in the doorway and she couldn’t breathe. He stepped off the bus, smiled brightly at the crowd, and threw his fists in the air causing the crowd to go wild. Laughing, he joined his band mates in greeting a few fans before going in for sound check.

His demeanor was that of an open, gentle and, more importantly, approachable person. He and the other members of the band patiently signed autographs and posed with fans while engaging in a variety of conversations. Kazie felt like she was in a fog…he was really there standing only a few feet from her. She could reach out and touch his broad shoulders to get his attention but she was paralyzed. Just as she screamed at herself to do so he turned and made eye contact with her. She felt herself blush and smiled at him shyly while inside chastising herself for acting like some clumsy prepubescent dork; she was much older than that! Kazie began to open her mouth to speak but the band was called inside; a missed opportunity that she kicked herself for hours afterward.

When the doors opened at 8:30pm, the invigorated crowd lurched forward, eager to get inside. The venue held approximately 650 people but Kazie thought there were some violations as far as head count went. Either side of the stage area had neon orange safety netting separating a bar room from the stage. Songs from Disturbed, Tool, Slipknot and the like pumped out of the sound system as the roadies performed sound checks, tuned various instruments, and checked lighting. As the lights dimmed around 9pm, the crowd surged forward resembling a huge wave with the surf breaking near the front of the stage; the sound was deafening as black and white images appeared on the screen in the back of the stage. Then, like an explosion, the band burst into their performance overwhelming all the senses and ended with the same energy as it began.

Kazie’s ears were still ringing when she stepped into the bar area.


Kazie turned towards the female voice and saw a woman waving her over to the bar. She introduced herself as lasofia from the SOAD Fans forum. Kazie joined Laura for a drink and neither one didn’t complete a sentence without mentioning John or Daron.

“Excuse me ladies but we are closing in 15 minutes and I would ask you to please finish your drinks and leave.” said a bouncer who could have doubled for Vin Diesel. Kazie and Laura waved their acceptance but continued their conversation anyway; there were still a few fans left in the bar and they had no intention of ending their night early.

Suddenly she heard the gruff but sweet tones of him, “Hey, can I get a Heineken?” Both girls froze at the sound and Kazie looked in the mirror behind the bar; John was standing directly behind her. She could smell his sweat and feel heat radiating off his body as he reached for the beer on the bar.

“Excuse me”

Kazie turned and was inches from his face. She blushed but refused to miss her chance again. She smiled and said, “Sure. Great show.” She immediately regretted saying something so stupid and mundane.

John smiled, recognizing her from the line outside. “Thanks. I’m John.”

Kazie couldn’t help but laugh, “Yes, I know. It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m Kazie.” She introduced Laura and offered John to sit with them. He accepted but added that he couldn’t stay too long. The group made small talk until “Vin” came over again to remind the group they were closing. Both women looked down especially Laura who was still waiting for Daron.

Kazie sympathized with Laura then John, seeming to pick up on Laura’s disappointment, said, “Would you ladies like to come to a get-together we’re having back at the hotel.” Then he added with a smile, “I’m sure Daron will be there.” Kazie and Laura smiled simultaneously as John slipped a piece of paper in Kazie’s hand, holding onto her for a moment then turned and walked away.

The party reminded Kazie of college: beer bottles strewn everywhere, stacks of pizza boxes half empty, bodies anywhere they could fit, and the overwhelming aroma of hashish. The instant the girls arrived, they were separated; Laura making a bee-line to the open space next to Daron on the overstuffed couch. It reminded Kazie of a moth to the flame.

“What’s your poison, sweet-stuff?” said a stout gentleman she recognized as Sako (the “gun-guy”). He stood behind a dining room table that doubled as a makeshift bar.

“You know how to make a ‘Red Death’?” Sako shook his head as Kazie continued, “It’s a Kamikaze and an Alabama Slammer mixed together.”

“Sounds delicious” said John as he moved closer to Kazie.

“It tastes like Hawaiian Punch with a zing” she explained as Sako handed her the drink and slinked away. John grabbed the drink before she could take a sip and put it to his lips. Kazie felt a stir in her pants as she watched him partake of her favorite beverage.

“A little too sweet for my taste” as he handed Kazie the Solo cup then picked up a bottle of Jameson whiskey. “Now this is a drink” as he took a shot and chased it with the Heineken in his other hand. “Looks like your friend is having a good time” John commented pointing in the direction of the couch. Laura was sharing a hit off a bong with Daron that turned into one of the most passionate kisses Kazie had seen in a while. John leaned in and whispered in Kazie’s ear, “Come on”. The mix of Jamison and Heineken intoxicated Kazie’s sense of smell as she followed John into the ‘living room’ area.

Kazie suddenly realized that her bladder was going to burst. “Um, I need to use the bathroom” she said as she excused herself and walked into the master bedroom. There were only a few people in here engaging in very intimate conversations; they didn’t even notice as Kazie walked by. After empting her bladder, she washed up and checked herself in the mirror. She could hardly believe she was here; it felt like a dream that got stranger as she opened the bathroom door. In the time she was in the bathroom, an orgy broke out on the king sized bed! One couple was nearly off the bed as the guy plunged roughly into some random blonde again and again. Another woman was enjoying cunnilingus while alternately directing the blonde and sucking off another guy. The entire room smelled of sex and Kazie was fascinated by scene. She made her way to the door opposite of the bathroom but was unable to tear her eyes away. One of the men beckoned for her to join but Kazie politely shied away.

John met her at the door with her drink in his hand. “Here,” he said handing her the drink, “You forgot this.” Before she could tell John about what she just saw, he peered into the other room. “Oh yeah…that happens all the time” Kazie was astonished by the casualness of his statement. He grabbed her hand and led her through the maze of bodies to the balcony. The cool air was refreshing. The sweat on Kazie’s neck was instantly cooled causing her skin to ‘goosepimple’ or was it the fact that John never took his hands off her?

“Are you having a good time?” John asked.

Kazie nodded as she took a long pull of her drink. She winced at the bitterness of the alcohol but was thankful because it was helping her to relax.

John took the drink from her hands and set it on the patio table then he placed his hands on Kazie’s hips and pulled her closer, lacing his fingers in the small of her back. In a low voice he said, “I’m glad you stuck around after the show. I saw you in line and was so pissed that I didn’t get the chance to talk with you.” He moved his hands up and cradled her face; she looked deep into his beautiful brown eyes and found desire looking back. Kazie’s heart was racing and when she touched John’s chest she was surprised his heart was pounding just as fast.

The kiss was soft at first then became more confident; immediate need filled the air around them. Kazie gasped when John suddenly grabbed a fistful of hair with one hand and held her close with the other. He forced her head to one side and bit into her neck. Kazie’s fingers dug into his back as she let out a loud hiss. Her thigh brushed up against the bulge in John’s pants. He took one of Kazie’s hands and placed it over the area. “That’s how I feel when you look at me.” He whispered hoarsely. Kazie slid her hands over the material that covered John’s shaft and they continued to kiss. “Do you want me Kazie?” he asked.

“Yes,” she replied.

“Tell me…tell me how much you want me to fuck you!” he whispered as her whole body trembled with need; she wanted nothing more than to feel him against her; to have his huge cock thrusting in and out of her.

“Oh, God! Yes, John, I want you. I want to feel you deep inside me.” She looked deep into his eyes, “Fuck me, John. Please.” she begged. Not another word was said as they hurried to John’s room down the hall. He flipped on the switch then grabbed Kazie by the shoulders and pinned her to the door. The kiss was hot, wet, and full of need. He picked her up by the waist and threw her on the bed. With one fluid motion he pulled off his shirt and tossed it aside. Kazie sat up on her knees drinking in the sight of him: His goatee accenting the swollen lips from passionate kissing, the roundness of his boyish face, his muscular arms, and dark hair swirled across the plains of his chest and belly that arrowed into a line that disappeared below the low waist of his jeans. She never took her eyes off him for fear if she did, it would break the spell. She tore off her shirt in the same manner as him as he reached for her. He tore off the bra she wore and took one nipple into his mouth as he fondled the other. Kazie’s head lulled back as wave after wave of passion rolled over her. She let out a loud sigh as he softly bit into her.

John’s passion was overwhelming; her body was soft and smelled of sweet jasmine. He wanted to devour her, to partake of the sweetness of her body. He pushed her back onto the bed and their lips met again; tongues dancing taking in the taste of sex and alcohol. Their bodies entangled and Kazie loved the feel of his skin against hers; the way his chest hair brushed against her nipples. He undid the button of her jeans and slid a hand into her panties. Kazie’s breath caught in her throat as he slid his finger into her.

“Oh…” she cried as he slid another one in. Then he kissed his way down to her chest and over her stomach, peeling off her jeans and underwear in the process. He hooked his arms under her knees forcing her to part her thighs as he made his way back up to her mound. He teased her by kissing around her clitoris then, in one swift motion, taking it all in his mouth. Kazie arched her back as her body went stiff but John held fast, forcing his way inside of her. His tongue lapped up her cum that lubricated her pussy and went back to work on her clit as he plunged his two fingers in and out of her. Then he crawled over to her as she desperately tried to undo his pants. Her hands were trembling as she pulled down his jeans and briefs, releasing his erection, and curled her fingers around it. He let out a low moan as she pumped his cock and licked off the pre cum from the tip. He fell back on the bed as she positioned her mouth over his pole. She licked the underside like it was ice cream and took the tip into her mouth when she reached the top.

“Oh, shit” he muttered as he tangled his hands in her hair, guiding her to the rhythm that felt good. She opened the back of her throat and took him all in, slightly gagging near the base. The sudden rush of pleasure made John sit up. “Oh my God!” he screamed then he kissed her. She pushed gently against his chest forcing him to lie down again as she took him back into her mouth. After a couple minutes, Kazie felt his body go stiff and she felt the load of cum slide down her throat. She sucked it down like a milkshake and licked his cock clean.

Kazie looked up and smiled her most seductive smile. John looked back at her and they both chuckled. She slid up his body and curled against him letting her head rest on his chest. Kazie couldn’t resist his body; she caressed his chest and planted small kisses over his body. John responded by brushing back her hair and kissing her forehead. She looked up and their lips met again. His hands moved down her back to her buttocks and he guided her onto his lap. He was already erect and Kazie moved her hips to help guide him in. Her breath let out in a slow hiss as he entered her; he lifted her again and slid her back down slowly, inch-by-inch. She began to move at her own pace as the anticipation wound in her like a spring. She flung her head back as they moved faster and faster until they could not contain their passion any longer and allowed it to explode like a fire.

The first rays of dawn were poking through the night sky when Kazie and John said their goodbyes. He walked her to the elevator and gently kissed her lips. “I’m not sure what to say that would sound cheesy or cliché” Kazie stammered.

John chuckled and kissed her again. “Then don’t say anything…your actions speak louder than your words.” Then it was John turn to blush, “Shit, that was cliché, wasn’t it?”

“Yeah,” Kazie smiled, “but I know what you mean” The elevator arrived and she grabbed another quick kiss before she hopped aboard. “Goodbye” she waved and the elevator doors closed. John smiled and waved back. When she was gone, he reached into the pocket of his jeans and pulled out her driver’s license.

“See ya soon, Rachel.” he said as he slipped the license back into his pocket and walked back to his room for a shower.
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