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 Lights, Camera...ACTION!!

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PostSubject: Lights, Camera...ACTION!!   Sun Mar 22, 2009 3:52 pm


“Ok, let’s set it up again.” Shavo called out to his crew. Instantly, the set crew went into action as Shavo walked up to his leading lady and wrapped her in a blanket.

“You hangin’ in there, Angie?” Angie shivered and was very thankful for the break.

“I hate you, you know.” she teased.

The abandoned mental hospital where they were shooting didn’t offer much solace against the winter wind and the fact that Angie was soaking wet didn’t help either. She watched the scene they just shot on the small monitor and was really impressed with Shavo’s vision; the angles and lighting were perfect. She knew the horror movie wasn’t going to win any Oscars but was definitely on par with the likes of Tobe Hooper and George A. Romero.

Suddenly there was a large wooden crack and screams came from the far section of the building.

“What the fuck?!?” Shavo shouted as he ripped off his headphones and ran over to the noise. The others followed close behind. Dan, the actor playing Roper, the lead antagonist, had fallen through the floor, his limp body posed like a doll that was haplessly discarded. The EMT on set climbed down and checked Dan’s vitals; he was alive but needed to get to the hospital immediately. As the ambulance pulled away, Shavo decided to call it a day. Annoyance filled the young director because this was really going to fuck with his schedule however he did hope Dan would be alright. They only had this location for a few weeks because it was scheduled for demolition. Shavo had to really pull some strings to get this place, it was perfect for the essence of the film and now they were going to lose it.

Later that night, Angie passed Shavo’s trailer as she overheard him talking with his assistant, Benjamin.

“What the hell was he doing over there?” Shavo said, “The place was sectioned off because the floorboards were weak so…” Angie knocked and came in.

“Any word about Dan?” she asked. Shavo took a long drag of his cigarette and exhaled as if he was blowing out all the frustration.

“Yeah,” he sighed, “he’ll be ok but it’s going to be weeks before he can walk. He broke 3 vertebrae and both legs.” Angie whispered a ‘thanks’ to the heavens but the reality set in: what about the movie? She panicked. This was her only job and the thought of going back on unemployment really upset her since she was already behind in her bills.

“So what happens now?” Ben broke in as if reading Angie’s thoughts. Angie looked a Shavo for an answer, the lights amplifying the dark circles under his eyes and pallor of his skin. Suddenly Angie had an idea.
“You can do it!” she said without realizing she was being audible. “Shavo, you would be perfect for Roper!”

“So, you’re a casting director now, Ang?” he said sarcastically.

“No,” she continued, “but you know the character, the lines…you can create him exactly the way you envisioned him!”

Ben chimed in, “She’s right, you know. You wouldn’t need to pay another actor or wait for him to learn his lines. Plus we are on a tight schedule.” Another sigh came from the young director as he rubbed his head. He could tell there was no fighting it; they were both right. Reluctantly, he agreed.

After a long night of pacing, Shavo called all the cast and crew for a meeting the next morning. “As you guys know, Dan was hurt pretty bad yesterday. He won’t be able to continue on this project. After much consideration…” He gave a stern look at Angie and Benjamin who just smiled back, “I decided to take on the role of ‘Roper’.” The announcement was met by a wave of positive murmuring. Shavo put up his hands to shush the crowd, “Well, don’t be too relieved. We’re going to be working shitty schedules for the next few weeks to get back on schedule. So let’s get to it.” There were random claps and commotion as the crew busied themselves.”

Angie strolled over to Shavo and bumped him with her hip, “Nice pep talk.”

Shavo smiled, “Thanks.”

“So, what’s first?” she asked looking at his abridged call sheet. He took it from her hands and said, “First, you’re going to teach me how to act.”

Angie seem tired and frustrated as she sat in her computer chair, “May I point out the fact that you have more screen time than me?” She sounded annoyed. “You need to relax. Let the character come to you. You created him, for fuck’s sake!” They had been working on Shavo’s acting ability for days now. He didn’t seem satisfied with the way ‘Roper’ was being portrayed; Shavo’s adaptation of the psycho was two-dimensional.

“Maybe this was a bad idea…” he said tossing the script on his desk.

Angie got up from the chair, placed both hands on his thin shoulders and looked in his eye. “No, no, no. Look, I’m sorry. I’m not being fair. She gently shook his shoulders and said, “You can do this.” Shavo looked into the young actress’s brown eyes. He never really thought about how beautiful she was. She tilted her head and smiled. Shavo gave a little giggle as he looked away. “Maybe we should take a break.” She suggested. He sat in the chair that Angie just occupied.

“Good idea.” Shavo said cheerfully as he pulled out a ‘glass vase’ and a baggie from his desk. He loaded the bong and took a hit then he offered it to Angie.

She looked curious as she took the instrument in her hand and smiled. “I never did this before. “ Shavo exhaled the smoke and rolled the chair over to where she was sitting.

“Oh, it’s simple. You put your mouth over this end and then light the weed down here.” He took it back from her and said, “Like this.” and took a long draw off of it. Angie smiled anxiously as she took the bong back and attempted to follow Shavo’s direction. She inhaled the smoke and her lungs felt like they were on fire. She pushed the bong back into Shavo’s hand and went into a coughing fit. Shavo’s patted her back gently and laughed, “I did that the first time too.”

Angie eyes were red and watery, “Oh my GOD!” she exclaimed when she finally caught her breath.

He took another hit then handed it back to her, “Here…try again.” Angie was uncertain as she slowly put the bong back up to her lips. The second time wasn’t as bad as she let the smoke saturate her lungs.

Within twenty minutes after the initial hit, the script and acting lesson forgotten, the two were laughing uncontrollably from the tales of horror each were telling. “So, I jump off my bunk, just in my boxers and right onto Daron.” Angie was laughing so hard, tears streamed down her face as Shavo continued the story. “John was right there with a camera giggling like a prick. Me, on top of Daron in my boxers; it was a real Kodak moment.”

Angie applauded and laughed. “I would kill to see those pictures.”

“Well, I can give you the live version if you want.” he flirted. ‘What the fuck did I just say?’ He was shocked by his own brazenness.

She looked at him seductively and said in a low, sexy voice, “Maybe some other time. But we should be getting back to your acting.”

To be continued
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PostSubject: Re: Lights, Camera...ACTION!!   Sun Mar 22, 2009 3:54 pm

Chapter Two

After working 16 hours every day for two weeks, the movie was back on schedule. The call sheet for today was the “love scene” between ‘Rachel’ and ‘Roper’. Shavo was anxious to get this scene over with. There had been a couple close calls where he found himself, not his character, wanting to taste Angie’s sweet lips. He thought she was a really cool chick too; she came to see him DJ over at the club, they had a few drinks and flirted some. He reasoned it was because she really didn’t know anyone out here; she transplanted from Upstate New York and looking to make it big in Hollywood. Luckily it was him and not some sleazy “director” that scooped her up. Maybe he could help find her a decent agent. He looked at her as she was reading over the script, she was painfully beautiful. He didn’t realize he was staring until Ben and Adam, the assistant director, came over with a bunch of technical questions that forced him to focus.

She looked up from her script slowly to make sure he wasn’t staring any longer. The actress smiled, relieved that she wasn’t the only one who couldn’t tear her eyes away. It wasn’t until she had a ‘wet’ dream about Shavo that she started looking at him that way. He was really sweet and extremely intelligent although physically not what she looked for in a guy. Maybe that’s why all of her relationships have ended in disaster; she was more about looks than anything else. She watched him DJ, his energy and passion as he mixed was similar to watching someone paint or write a song; that intense vitality made her curious of how he would be in bed. She recalled last night as they hung out then their conversation turned to, of all things, astrology.

Shavo laughed, “Yeah, I’m pretty stubborn.”

“Typical Taurus” she muttered.

“Huh?” Shavo asked.

“Taurus…the sign of the bull…that’s why you’re so stubborn.” She explained.

“Please don’t tell me you actually believe in that stuff.” He said incredulously.

“Well, not the stuff that you get out of a magazine but, yes, I believe in astrology. It’s really good at pointing out things you never thought you knew about yourself or eerily accurate about things you already knew.” She stated. “Just like palmistry or physiognomy…”


“Physiognomy or face reading.” She clarified. “I find it really fascinating.”

Shavo shook his head, “I don’t know about any of that stuff.”

“Well,” said Angie as she sat next to him, “allow me to enlighten you.” She took his hand and said, “Now, you’re hand is on the thin side which means you’re a rational kind of person. You have an agile mind and enjoy brainstorming and talking.”

“Ok…” So far, Shavo didn’t seem impressed but he was enjoying the feel of her body next to his.

“There are three major lines: the heart line, the head line and the life line.” She traced each one with her fingernail sending ripples of pleasure through Shavo’s body. Angie noticed his reaction but pretended not to as she continued. “Your head line is really long…” a snicker escaped Shavo’s lips which caused Angie to giggle too, “which means you are dedicated to learning new things.”

“Well, that’s very true.” He conceded.

“Your life line is very broad and sweeping so you are very generous with your time and money. You have a love of adventure and exploring new ideas; however, you’re not happy unless you are reaching towards a goal.”

“Ok…you’re officially freaking me out.” He joked.
“Your heart line shows that you are sensitive to others need above your own and your girdle of venus, here…” she moved her head so that it was almost touching his as she smoothed a finger over his palm under the middle and ring fingers, “these lines say your have an appreciation of physical and sensual pleasures with a strong sex drive.”

That statement left an electrifying tension in the air. Angie suddenly felt the giddiness of the pot rush from her system as the reality of what she just said set in; she felt her body flush as she cleared her throat and stood up.

“Uh…” she struggled for something to say, “I should go.” Oh my GOD, Angie, you almost…crossed a line that shouldn’t be crossed. She thought as she practically ran out the door leaving the stoned bass player sitting in his trailer completely confused.

Angie was being ‘tied down’ to the bed and was almost ready to start the scene. Shavo climbed on top of her, attempting not to show any type of nervousness and called ‘Action’. The two exchanged dialogue and at the right moment, “Rachel” kissed her adversary. Angie felt an explosion go off in her brain; Shavo’s lips were soft as her tongue probed his mouth. Shavo returned the kiss with equal fervor. Angie wished her hands and feet weren’t tied; she wanted to pull him closer. Shavo let his hand brush through her hair as his need grew. The two didn’t hear Adam say “cut” as they continued their passion, now complete oblivious to the crew around them.

Adam said louder, “uh, guys? Cut!”

Shavo smiled, “Oh, sorry.” Angie returned the smile and blushed a little.

Angie didn’t realize how completely exhausted she was until after her shower. She lit some candles, put on her terry cloth robe, wrapped her long, chestnut-colored hair in a towel and lay across her bed. She thought about Shavo’s kiss this afternoon; her fantasies had been accurate: his kiss was soft but full of sexual energy from the very start, not too wet either. She started the fantasy from there: just the two of them on the bed kissing softly at first as if experimenting then becoming more confident. She moved her hands over her body imaging it was Shavo’s long fingers caressing her skin. In her fantasy, Shavo lips moved seductively over her neck and down her body, stopping at her breast. He teased around the sensitive flesh of her nipple by kissing everywhere but. Angie sighed audibly as she moved her hand down to her mound and slid two fingers past her clitoral hood and labia as she silently begged the fantasy take her in his mouth. When he finally did, a wave of pleasure swept through her body as she tensed then relaxed enjoying the sensation.

Suddenly, she heard a small knock on her door. She blew out a frustrating sigh, covered herself up and called out, “Come in.” expecting it to be her assistant, Jen.

“Angie?” she heard Shavo call. She sat up, feeling a sudden rush of adrenaline.

“In here” she called back. He emerged in the doorway, the glow from the candles made him look…primal. Angie felt a surge of heat in her groin.

“Hey” he said as he walked in and stood at the end of the bed.

“Hi” she replied as she pulled herself up into a sitting position suddenly thinking how inappropriate this was. He looked like he had something on his mind and needed to say it right away.

“Are you doing ok?” he rubbed his head nervously, “I mean, we could possibly take a couple days for a break if you feel you need it.” Angie noticed he wasn’t looking at her as he stammered. She went to the edge of the bed and balanced herself on her knees so she was face-to-face with him. She placed a finger over his lips and said,

“You didn’t come here to talk about taking a break…you came here to talk about this...” She gently kissed him. Shavo sighed and his body relaxed as he welcomed her tongue in his mouth. Angie pulled him onto the bed and wrapped her naked thighs around Shavo’s waist. He grabbed her fleshy ass as Angie pulled open her robe. Their bodies entangled as they kissed and caressed each other’s flesh. Sexual energy filled the room and the two seemed intoxicated by the very air that surrounded them. Hands fumbled on his pants as their passion consumed them. Finally, his erection was free and he found that she was ready for him; to consummate the lust that had been growing between them for weeks. Slowly he entered her, taking pleasure in every inch; he looked down at her. She had her eyes closed and her face reflecting the burning desire within; it was one of the most beautiful sights Shavo ever seen.

Angie moved her hips against him, signaling what she wanted as they found their rhythm. They kissed again as moved at a faster rate. She let her fingernails rake down his back gently resulting in Shavo pushing his pelvis forward. “Oh, yes, Shavo.” She whispered, “Fuck! That feels soooo goooooodddd….”

To hear her voice as he made love to her sent him over the edge as he replied, “Yeah, baby. Your pussy feels so tight around my cock. Do you like when I fuck you that way?” She rolled him over and straddled his slender body grinding her hips into his wanting to feel every inch of his shaft in her.

“Oh……God….!” Angie screamed as wave after wave of climax washed over her. Shavo wasn’t too far behind as he felt her tighten around his shaft; he bucked underneath her and filled her with sweet sperm. She collapsed on top of him as the two gasped for air. They held each other as they slowly came back down to Earth. Shavo planted little kisses over Angie’s glistening face. Suddenly he stopped as if having a thought, looked at her, and said,

“Do you think we should write that into the movie?” They both burst out in laughter.

The End…
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Lights, Camera...ACTION!!
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