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 System of a Down quizzes.. and so on

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PostSubject: System of a Down quizzes.. and so on   Thu Apr 16, 2009 1:46 am

Okay, okay, I might be too curious (curiousity kills the cat). However, I found out what System song I am, along with the fact that their exist the most interesting quizzes ever!
So, if you're interested in, what System song you are, you can find a quiz here:


I am:

You are "The Metro". You tend to think a lot about what you lost, and regret ever loving because it will destroy from the inside in the end. I feel for you, dude.

I wonder what bothers me more, that there are people who invent those quizzes or the fact that I know where the answers will lead me, lol!

Interestingly I'm also:

You're their first Self-Titled CD (released in 1998): System of a Down! Congrats, you're my favorite. It's their most metal CD they have so far! The year it came out, radios rung to the visceral fury of Sugar and the spooky tension of Spiders, each a fiery baptism for listeners weaned on predictability and rote rhyme schemes.


What are you?

Edit: I also recommend this one , attention to the mispellings

Change? Pls

That's all folks!

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System of a Down quizzes.. and so on
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