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 Beißende Hunde Part1

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PostSubject: Beißende Hunde Part1   Fri Feb 15, 2008 7:25 am

My little Mafia Story joins this board^^
It's still fictional and nothing is meant serious nor do I want to say criminality is cool.

Beißende Hunde
By Bradford Nathan Jesus Pirate Apple Killerguitar

-1. Die Nacht war schwül-

A big house at the end of the city. The moon is just rising and the house is completely lighted.
John is sitting at a big wooden desk in the middle of a big room inside. He looks angry at Daron standing in front of him sweating blood.

John: Daron, that's an easy question, just answer it. Where is my stuff?
Daron: Ahm... mh...also...you know... there was that guy...
John: And?
Daron: You know... he had this...ahm...card game.
-John becomes angrier while Daron does not answer his question-
John: *annoyed* And?!
Daron: Ahm...we... you know, we...ah...started a game...
John: *sighs deeply* What happened?
Daron: You know...he...mh... he was really good at it...
John: Daron, what the fuck happened to my stuff?!
Daron: Ahm... you know...mh I lost a lot of money.
-Daron stares at the floor-
Daron: *quiet* I placed it...
Daron: I lost it...
-The sweat runs over Daron's face-
-Daron nods frightened-
John: Shavo! Shoot him!
-Daron starts praying-
Daron: No! Please not! No!
-Shavo points his gun at Daron. Serj goes to John and lays his hand on John's shoulder-
Serj: That wouldn't be wise John.
John: No?
Serj: No. Think of it.
-John nods-
John: Oh Daron, you gonna dirty my new carpets! Stop it Shavo, we gonna make a small journey.
-Shavo grabs Daron’s arm-
Serj: It wouldn't be wise to kill him at all, John.
John: Not? Why?
Serj: When you kill him now, the China's gone and you won't get it back. Daron knows the guy, he can recognize him. I'm sure he will do everything to get your stuff back.
-Serj looks at Daron who nods heavy-
Daron: He's right! He's right! I'll get it back! Just give me some time! 5 days!
John: 12 hours.
-Daron stares at him-
Serj: 48 hours, but not more.
John: Ah, then 48 hours! Out of my eyes, you fucking moron!
-Daron is still nodding and leaves as fast as possible-
John: Why did you say this? Who the hell do you think you are?
Serj: Your father said I should take care of your actions and so I do. You know pretty well the worth of this 'moron' and of the drugs. Don't question my decisions.
-John mutters and stares out of a window-
Shavo: Should I follow him?
Serj: I don't see any need of it.
Shavo: And if he tries to flee?
Serj: He won't flee; he knows that we find him everywhere.
-Serj smiles and leaves the room-
John: Sometimes I hate him.
-Shavo takes his gun-
Shavo: Shall I shoot him?
John: No! Think of my poor carpets! I don't want to be disturbed now.
-Shavo nods and also leaves-

-2. Der Kopf tut weh, die Füße stinken, höchste Zeit ein Bier zu trinken-

Daron stands in the backyard near a club, surrounded by a few man.

Random Dealer 1: You dare to place John's drugs in a game you couldn't win? What do you think? What shall I tell the junkies?
Daron: Maybe...ahm, that you have no stuff?
-RD1 pushes Daron against a wall-
RD1: You stupid maggot! We all were waiting just for you and the stuff and you come here and tell us, that you have lost it! I should kill you!
-Daron hides himself behind his arms-
Daron: Please not
RD2: Don't kill him. The whole scene is really amusing.
RD3: Let's go, I don't think that we gain anything, when we scream at him.
-The whole gang nods, RD1 pushes Daron to the ground and they go in the club-
Daron: Shit
-Daron stands up and kicks angry a can-
Random Can: Au!
Voice: Ah, my dear. Why are you so mad?
Daron: YOU!
Voice: Yes, me. Do you want to play a little game?
-A man comes out of the shadows, mixing a card game-
Daron: What did you do with my suitcase?
Gambler: Actual, it's my suitcase; I won it in a fair game.
Gambler: What should I do with a locked suitcase? I sold it. Do you want to place the key for it?
Daron: I don't want to play with you! I'm not sure why, but did you recognize, that you won every single game?
Gambler: The reason for it is luck, or you are really bad in this game.
-Daron wants to attack the gambler but he defences and pushes Daron back-
Gambler: That is not fair. We just were talking and you try to attack me. What is your problem with this suitcase? I just got $50 for it!
Daron: You sold it for $50? There's something really important in it, you know? I need it back, to whom did you sell it?
-The gambler chuckles-
Daron: Say it!!!
Gambler: It is funny to watch you. What will you do, when I do not tell you?
Gambler: That is indeed really funny. In addition, what will you do when you killed me? Will you go to every person in this town and ask him for the suitcase?
-Daron grumbles-
Daron: No... So just tell me, who has the suitcase.
Gambler: I would do it, but I am so bad in remembering things.
-Daron sighs and gives the man a $50 bill-
Daron: And, can you now remember better?
Gambler: Yes, a bit. I can remember that I sold it here in Los Angeles. And I sold it to a nice woman.
-Daron rolls his eyes and gives him again $50-
Daron: Which woman?
Gambler: She was Chinese... yes, indeed, it was a Chinese woman.
-The gambler nods to his point and Daron gives him $100 cursing silent in Armenian-
Daron: Can you know remember everything?
Gambler: Yes, I can. In China Town is a restaurant called "Red Lotus" and next to it is a small store. They sell and buy anything. When you are lucky, you can find it there. I am sorry, that you are not interested in gambling.
Daron: Hopefully, I never see you again!
-The gambler chuckles again and disappears in the shadows-
Daron: I'm gonna kill you, promised!
-Daron goes to his car and drives away-

-3. Die Wahrheit ist irgendwo da draußen-

The next morning. Serj stands on a balcony and watches the sun rising over the lighted town. John joins him looking really tired.

John: What are doing here so early?
Serj: I'm watching the city.
John: So early?
Serj: I like the sunrise. I'm wondering what Daron is doing.
John: I'm wondering which freak is taking my heroine now.
Serj: I'm sure Daron brings it all back. No one is taking it.
John: 48 hours! What do you think?! It's already spread all over LA. It's my money! Whose stupid idea was it to send out Daron buying it?
Serj: It was mine.
-John looks angry at Serj and plays with something small in his pocket-
John: Always you!
Serj: It seems like you're not glad with me.
-Serj turns around and focuses John-
Serj: What's that thing in your pocket? A gun? A knife? Do you want to kill me?
John: Are you afraid?
-Serj laughs-
Serj: No! I'm not afraid of you. I know that you want to, but you can't kill me.
John: Why are you so sure? I can do everything!
-Serj sighs deeply-
Serj: That's the problem with you. You're too young for that. You can't do everything. I never did you any harm. My decisions always helped you.
John: I don't see any help in Daron. The idiot gambled with my loot.
Serj: He will do everything for you. He's just not the smartest one. You will see that you can use him.
Anyway, why are you awake so early?
John: I can't sleep.
Serj: Bad dreams?
John: It's all because of you. The last time you just brought me trouble. Y-you... YOU are taking away my sleep!
-Serj shakes his head-
Serj: You should try to cope with me.
-Serj leaves the balcony and John throws the thing of his pocket in the garden below him. A lighter-

-4. Und die nächste Runde!-

-Daron is driving through China Town, looking for that special "Red Lotus" Restaurant. He drives his second turn now. A whore comes to his car-

Whore: Hello my dear.
Daron: I don't want a whore at the moment, go away!
-The woman looks at Daron's car more closely-
Whore: Are you a cop?
Daron: NO! I'm just looking for something, go away and stop disturbing me!
Whore: If you don't want to have sex, then leave this place and stop driving around here!
-Daron looks at her angry and drives a little faster-
Daron: Man, here's no stupid restaurant called stupid "Red Lotus"! Oh, that freak was just messing me around. I should've shot him!
-Daron drives in the bike of an old man while watching the buildings and not the street.-
Old Man: Hey! Where do you have your eyes? You could've killed me!
Daron: Oh no...
-Daron rolls his eyes and stares to the sky-
Daron: What did I do wrong, that you treat me like that?
Old man: What did I do wrong, that YOU treat me like THAT? Look at my bike!
Daron: Why are you going around with your bike at this time? Why don't you drive your bike at all?
Old man: That is not your buisnes!
-Daron looks at the bike-
Daron: I don't see any damage, so just stop annoying me and leave!
-The old man takes his bike and goes from the street muttering Chinese. Daron stands next to his car and looks after him-
Daron: Wait!
Old men: Do you want to drive in my bike again?
Daron: No! But I have a question!
-The old man turns around and looks in Daron's face-
Old man: Maybe I don't want to give you an answer.
Daron: That's really important! I gonna die without that!
Old man: Oh, I'm sorry for you. But I don't want to help you; I just want to go home. You told me to leave, now you tell me to stay. You don't know what you want young Mister.
Daron: I want you to stay! Please. I'm looking for the restaurant "Red Lotus". Do you know where I find it?
Old man: I'm not sure, maybe.
Daron: No, not again, just try to remember!
Old man: Ah, okay, I tell you were it is.
-The man points at a small restaurant on the other side of the street. It's labelled in Chinese-
Old men: There it is. But be careful, the Japanese Mafia owns it.
-Daron looks at the restaurant frightened-
Daron: Oh no...
Old man: Much fun there, you should try the Wan tan-Soup.
-The Man drives away with his bike. Daron stares at the restaurant and swallows heavy-
Daron: If I don't bring the stuff back, then John will kill me. But if I try to get it back, the japs will kill me. I guess the japs will kill me faster and more painless.
-Daron parks his car and goes over the street-
Daron: Ahm, next to the restaurant?
-Daron looks at both of the sites, but just sees normal houses, no store at all-
Daron: Oh yes, I like hidden stores. DAMN IT!
-Daron kicks a garbage can and a woman at window looks at him-
Women: Stop destroying the garbage can!
Daron: Argh, why are so much people here? Can you help me?
Women: I don't think that anyone could help you.
Daron: Forget the fuckin' garbage can! I'm looking for a store where I can sell some stuff.
Women: Ah, thought you're going to it, it's at the back of the house.
-The woman closes her window and Daron goes around the houses. At the back, he finds a little store crowded with old things. On the door is a sign "Be right back"-
Daron: Fuck it!!!
-Daron kicks angry at the door, the women opens a window on the backside of the house-
Women: You don't learn, do you? Stop kicking things in my neighbourhood or I call the police!
Daron: Okay, okay, no police. I just wait here, ok?
-The woman closes the window and Daron sits on the ground taking out a cigarette-

-5. Nein, meine Suppe ess’ ich nicht-

John sits at the dining table with his whole family, including Serj. They're talking about their business

Brother: And so I come to the conclusion that we just send him to the fish.
John: But we need the money!
Brother: What? Common, that's not much. Maybe 1000, why are you so upset because of so less money?
-John looks at Serj-
John: Because he made me to loose a lot of.
-John's family stares at him-
Serj: You don't know if the money is really lost.
John: Oh yes, just believe in that stupid junkie Daron. Of course he can find it. I told you, that it's already spread all over the town!
Uncle: What are you talking about?
John: You know that Daron? This dealer? Serj had the glorious idea to send him out to pick up the heroine I bought last week.
Aunt: And, what happened? Didn't he pick it up?
John: Worse! He did, but he lost it in a game.
-Everyone laughs, excluding John, Serj and the guards at the doors-
John: That's nothing to laugh about. I send him out to bring it back to me. Serj send him out. I don't think that I will see it ever again.
Serj: You should trust Daron more. He will bring it back to you.
Uncle: I'm sure you will come over it.
-John stares at Serj-
Father: John! Stop looking at Serj like this! He is my friend, and I want all of you to respect him!
-John crosses his arms and looks moany at Serj-
John: But he...
Mother: John! Stop behaving like a child! And sit up straight!
-John does what his mother told him-
Mother: I don't like it when you start arguing at dinner! Let's talk about something more interesting! What is about the new carpets?
John: Your chair stands on them, Mum.
-John's mother looks at the carpet-
Mother: But we talked about it. I told you that I want the red ones.
John: But the light green fits more with the walls.
Serj: I think it makes the whole house looking like a damned golf course.
Uncle: Hey! I like golfing.
Serj: But we have a golf course outside the house, we don't need a second one in the house.
Sister: I like the color; it reminds me on mint chocolate.
Brother: That's because the color is named "mint green".
John: The green fits more with the walls!
Mother: No! The dark red fits with the walls. You see every single stain on this green.
John: You don't clean the house, so why do you care about?
Shavo: And the red carpets would cover the blood!
John: Shut up Shavo! You're not involved in the discussion!
Mother: Who likes the red carpets more than the green?
-Everybody holds up his hand, excluding John and his uncle-
Mother: So, it's decided. John, buy the red carpets.
John: Argh, I'll think about it.
- John's mother starts another conversation about the fiancée of John's sister-

Change? Pls

That's all folks!

Believing that everything is not one - that is the biggest evil in the world

Read what the GDR is, if you don't know!

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Beißende Hunde Part1
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