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 Beißende Hunde Part1.1

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PostSubject: Beißende Hunde Part1.1   Fri Feb 15, 2008 7:26 am

And the second part of part one.

-6. Ich bin die kleine Robbe, und Algen find' ich gut! -

Daron is still sitting in front of the store, but nobody has shown up. A lot of filters lying around him and he crushes his empty cigarette pack

Daron: Shit! It's empty!
-He stands up and looks for a store to buy new ones; he finds a little kiosk-
Daron: Give me a pack of Marlboro.
Kiosk Keeper: Sorry Dude, I don't sell American fags.
-Daron looks in his kiosk and just sees Chinese cigarettes; he points randomly at a package-
Daron: Then give me this.
-The woman gives him the wanted and cashes-
Daron: Do you know this store behind "Red Lotus"?
KK: Yes, I do.
Daron: Do you know when it opens?
KK: Oh, that depends on when they arrive.
Daron: When who arrives?
KK: Don't you know that?
Daron: Know what?
KK: It's said, that the store belongs to the Mafia. The owner opens up, when they're around. He sells them stuff and sells their stuff, if you know what I mean. He feels saver, when they're around to protect him.
-Daron's face becomes pale-
KK: Ah, don't be afraid, they'll do you no harm. But if you try to steal something...
Daron: I-I, I'm not afraid! Do you know when they show up?
KK: Now.
-She points on a black car moving down the street, Daron hides behind a stand of newspapers, pretending to read the Chinese signs-
Daron: Thanks for the information.
-Daron stares at the restaurant and notices a policewoman standing at his car, writing down his license number on a pad-
Daron: Shit!
-Daron runs over the street to the car, the policewoman looks at him-
Policewoman: Is that your car?
Daron: Ahm, yes.
Policewoman: You're not allowed to park here, this is for you.
-The Policewoman gives him a piece of paper-
Daron: Damned. Why?
-Daron stares again in the sky, the policewoman points on a sign next to Daron's car-
Policewoman: Don't you see the sign?
Daron: Ahm, yeah, I've overseen it, I guess.
Policewoman: Then park it somewhere else, or I have to let it towed up.
Daron: I just need ten minutes.
Policewoman: I go this street down now, and when I come back and see your car standing here, it’ll be towed up, understood?
-Daron nods and goes to the store-
Policewoman: And if I see you coming out there with a strange looking bag or suitcase, I'll arrest you!

-Daron does not care about her and reaches the store. Inside stands a man now behind the counter and in front of him two men in suits. One is wearing a Katana on his side. Daron swallows as he sees John's suitcase on the counter, he enters the store fast-
Shop Keeper: Welcome!
Daron: What are you doing there?
SK: Nothing, I just do my job.
Daron: Don't touch it! It's mine!
-The man with the Katana turns around and faces Daron-
Man: Did we meet before?
Daron: Ahm, no...
Man: What is yours? I always thought Lee bought everything here legal, so everything here is legal his.
Daron: The suitcase, I lost it yesterday in a game and I want to buy it back now.
-The two men starts a conversation in Japanese and Daron goes to the counter, looking at the store owner-
Daron: What is the price?
SK: I'm not sure. I don't want to sell it to you.
Daron: Please! It's important!
SK: Mmmh, $80!
Man 2: We give you 150!
-The shopkeeper smiles-
SK: You see, they want...
Daron: 200!
Man 2: 300!
Daron: 500!
Man: Now I know where I saw you!
-Daron stares puzzled at the man who takes out his Katana-
Man: Yes, YOU are one of them. YOU killed my brother! I loved my brother.
-Daron still stares at him while he comes closer to him. Daron grabs the suitcase, screams and hides behind some shelves-
Man 2: Iki no ne o tomero onaji!
Man: Hei!
-The man goes to the shelves Daron hides behind, the other one takes out a gun-
Man: Come out, warumono!
-Daron also takes out his gun and shoots from his hide at them; the storekeeper flees in his back rooms screaming. Daron robs to the door while shooting at the man with the gun. Daron reaches the door and runs out of it, but gets hit by two bullets. The man with the Katana throws it helpless after Daron, but it just grazes his site. Daron jumps into his car and speeds away-

-7. Ente gut, alles gut!-

John is sitting behind his desk and looks through some files. Serj is sitting on a chair puzzling Rubik's Cube. Shavo enters the room.

Shavo: Daron is back.
-John looks surprised at Shavo-
John: Back? With the stuff?
Shavo: Yes, but he is hurt.
John: I don't care, let him in.
-Shavo opens the door again and lets Daron in. Daron is trembling; some drops of his blood fell on the floor-
John: Welc.... Oh no! You dirt my floor!
-Shavo coughs but it sounds more like "red carpets" then like a real cough. John gives him an angry look and faces again Daron-
John: Ah, what did you bring me?
Daron: As...As promised, I got it back.
Serj: I told you, he wouldn't fail!
John: Serj! SHUT UP!
-Serj shrugs and Daron puts the suitcase on John's desk. John opens the suitcase and looks through the content-
John: Pretty good, it's all in. So, I won't kill you.
-Daron tries to smile-
John: This time! Just one mistake again and you will see your grandma soon.
Daron: Ahm, my granny lives in a small house outside the city...
-John rolls his eyes-
John: You know pretty well, what I mean!
-Daron nods and sits down on a near seat-
Daron: Man, that hurts, stupid japs!
John and Serj: JAPS?!
Daron: Yes, they had the suitcase, but I fought for it!
John: Ah, they're annoying me. This is MY town!
Daron: Am I allowed to go to a hospital now?
Serj: That is interesting!
John: What?
Serj: The police are going to visit us.
-Serj points out of the window at a few cars with flashing lights driving to the house-
John: Not them... Serj, Shavo, you know what to do!
-John leaves the room. Shavo collects everything illegal and takes it to a safe place, Serj goes to Daron-
Serj: Did you learn from your little journey?
-Daron nods heavily-
Serj: Good. I don't want to risk my ass for you anymore. Come, I bring you to a bed.
Daron: But I need a doctor!
Serj: Who said, that there is no doctor in this house? If you like, we could go to the basement and make you some boobs!
Daron: No, thanks!
-Serj grabs Daron and leaves with him-


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That's all folks!

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Beißende Hunde Part1.1
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