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 Beißende Hunde Part2

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PostSubject: Beißende Hunde Part2   Fri Feb 15, 2008 7:28 am

The second part of my Mafia Story.

Beißende Hunde 2
By Bradford Nathan Jesus Pirate Apple Killerguitar

The evil wins every time!?

-1. T400 Energy!-

The morning after the raid of the police. John, Serj and Shavo are on the yacht of John on the sea near the Californian coast. Serj stares at the horizon.

Serj: Nice weather and nobody sees us.
John: Yes, pretty good day for this job.
Serj: I hate it. Why do I have to be here?
John: I want you to be with me and I want to see it with my own eyes. No more mistakes!
Serj: John, please, it's over.
John: Yeah... yeah common, let's do it.
-Serj rolls his eyes and follows John to the stern of the boat. Shavo guards a man standing in a cube of concrete there. The man is crying-
John: Oh, Mr. Cole, stop crying.
Mr. Cole: Please, please! We can talk about it!
John: Can we? Do you know who visited me last night? Police!
Mr. Cole: But that was Daron! They followed him!
John: Maybe, but you gave them the hints. You told them about Daron. Don't lie to me, that makes me sad.
Serj: We can't tolerate this, we are really disappointed.
Mr.Cole: Please! Don't do it. I... I-I have wife and children.
John: Don't worry. I sent some guys to them. They'll care about them.
Mr. Cole: No! They don't know. Don't kill them. They're just children!!!
-John checks his watch-
John: Too late, I'm sorry. Shavo, would you please?
Shavo: All right, this crying goes on my nerves.
-John bows to the crying man-
John: Please, send your wife my best regards.
Mr. Cole: No!!!
-Mr. Cole tugs at John's trousers-
John: Stop it!
-John steps back-
John: Do it Shavo.
-Serj waves to Mr.Cole and walks away and Shavo throws the still crying and "no" screaming Mr.Cole in the water-
John: Goodbye.
-Shavo and John both look in the water-
John: Looks finished to me. Well done.
Shavo: I never saw somebody swimming with concrete-shoes, would really surprise me. Anyways, shoot the next one, please. This damned concrete is really heavy.
John: SHAVO! Would you like to follow him?
Shavo: No! No, excuse me.
-Shavo flees below deck, John walks to Serj-
John: Start the engine, Serj. I want to go home.
-Serj drives the boat back to the coast-

-2. Es war einmal ein Pate...-

Daron stands in his garden around midday and feeds the rabbits he holds in a lot of cages. Serj comes around his house and joins him-

Serj: What are you doing here?
Daron: I'm feeding my rabbits.
Serj: Rabbits?
Daron: Don't you know that? These animals with those long ears are rabbits!
Serj: I know pretty well what rabbits are! But why do YOU need so many rabbits? Do you sell them for Easter?
Daron: Why do people buy rabbits on Easter?
Serj: Because they like to eat them?
Daron: NO!!! Nobody eats Rock'n'Roll’s relatives!!!
Serj: Who the hell is Rock'n'Roll?
Daron: A rabbit I killed accidentally with my car. I made a song about it, do you want to listen?
-Serj closes his eyes and shakes his head-
Serj: No, please. I know how your voice sounds.
Uh, why do you need so many rabbits? Do you want to kill more of them?
-Daron looks angry at Serj-
Daron: No, I want to give them into a comfortable life. You know, I killed their father, son, husband...
Serj: Are this all rabbits from your garden?
Daron: Yes, of course. Now they're saved. Nobody will kill them.
Serj: Enough, okay? You proved me you're insane.
Daron: I'm not insane. I'm just an animal lover, like you.
Serj: Me?
Daron: Yes, you. Vegetarian, pffhh!
Serj: You won't understand.
-Daron shrugs his shoulders and pets a fat rabbit-
Daron: What did you do today?
Serj: Watched a traitor drowning.
Daron: This Cole?
Serj: Yes.
Daron: Thought you don't like watching people dying.
-Daron walks into his house and places himself on his big couch, Serj takes the armchair-
Serj: Yes, I don't like it. But John wanted to see this guy drowning, you know. I have to follow him everywhere, even to the toilette.
-Daron smiles-
Serj: Back to topic, he doesn't trust us anymore after your little adventure, so he wanted a proof.
-The smile in Daron's face disappears-
Daron: Luckily I don't have to see him the next days.
-Serj looks surprised at Daron-
Serj: Why? You've just been shot.
Daron: Don't forget the sword cut!
Serj: Katana.
Daron: Don't care! Was long, had a blade, it was a sword!
Serj: It's no bad injury and you don't have a hard job. So stop jammering!
Daron: But it aches! I don't want to work.
Serj: John is angry about these japs.
Daron: This is also not my business.
Serj: You shouldn't tell him these days you're on vacation.
Daron: I'm hurt!!!
-Serj rolls his eyes-
Serj: I see.
Daron: I don't care if you believe me.
-Daron stares at his wall-
Daron: I'm just curios, but why are you here? You didn’t come to talk about my rabbits.
Serj: John wants to see you. You have to sell some drugs.
Daron: I thought he don't trust me.
Serj: Daron, stop behaving like a child!
Daron: Tell him I'll come at 6.
Serj: Daron, now!
Daron: I hate him.
Serj: And he hates you. See, you have something in common with John.
So please, move your ass.
Daron: Ah, you're mean!
-Daron stands up and walks upstairs-
Daron: Ten minutes.
-Serj goes to his car. A girl, maybe 5 years old, puts her hand on his leg. Serj turns around and looks at her-
Girl: Why do you have a gun, mister?
Serj: Why do you think I have a gun?
-The girls points at Serj's side where he wears his gun-
Girl: I saw it.
-Serj thinks a moment-
Serj: Can you keep a secret?
-The girl nods and Serj bows to her ear-
Serj: I'm a cop, undercover.
-The girl shakes her head-
Girl: No, you're not a cop. My dad is one. All undercover policemen drive Chevrolets. You drive a Ford Mustang.
-She points at Serj's car, Serj looks at it puzzled.-
Girl: Are you a criminal?
Serj: No, I'm guarding the person who lives in the house behind me. But you mustn't tell it anyone, okay?
Girl: You're guarding Daron?
-Serj nods-
Girl: I like his rabbits. I care for them, when he is at work. You should guard them.
Serj: When he tells me, I'll do it, promised.
-Daron comes out of his house and locks his door-
Serj: Are you ready, Daron?
Daron: Yes.
-Daron waves to the girl and climbs in his car. Serj and Daron drive away-

-3. Und es ward Licht-

Shavo comes to the basement of John's house. He looks for the heroine he placed here this morning. But he finds nothing.

Shavo: Damned! Who took it away? It's jinxed, I'm sure.
-Shavo walks cursing to John's office-
Shavo: Have you seen the heroine?
John: Did you loose it?!
Shavo: No, I brought it to the basement, as you told me, but it's gone. Some motherfucker took it away.
-John opens a door of his desk and puts the stuff on the top of it-
John: I took it.
Shavo: Would you please tell me next time?
John: Where is Daron?
Shavo: I don't know. Guess he's at home curing his injuries.
John: I sent Serj to him.
Shavo: I check the parking lot.
John: Tell 'em I hate waiting.
-Shavo leaves and sits down on a bench outside waiting for Serj and Daron-
Butler: Can I help you, Mr. Odadjian?
Shavo: No, I just don't want to be around John. He's so upset these days.
Have you seen Serj or Daron?
Butler: Mr. Tankian left an hour ago, sir.
-The Butler sits next to Shavo and ignites a cigarette-
Shavo: Don't you have work to do?
Butler: Not at the moment. But I expect Mr. Tankian to arrive every minute.
Shavo: Sounds good, John isn't glad about Daron.
Butler: Why is he still alive anyway?
Shavo: Serj's idea.
Butler: Ah, that explains a lot.
-Serj and Daron arrive-
Shavo: Hurry guys, John wants to see you 15 minutes ago!
-Serj sighs and ignites a cigarette-
Serj: He has to learn patience.
Shavo: He'll explode.
Serj: Poor carpets!
-Serj and Shavo laugh but Daron looks unhappy at the house-
Daron: Don't remind me on this night, okay?
Shavo: Sorry dude, but you must admit that you were a big laugh. Placing John's drugs...
Daron: I learned my lesson! Okay?
Serj: Finally!
Let's go in.
Daron: Am I allowed to hide in your pocket?
-Serj ignores Daron and walks in. Daron follows frightened-
John: Where have you been?
Serj: I brought Daron your message.
*silent* I'm not your damned flunky.
John: Did you say something?
Serj: No.
John: Anyways, I was talking to dear Daron.
Daron: I- I was at home. You know, I got hurt.
-John looks at Daron and shakes his head-
John: I see you can walk. You just have to talk to some people, no big job. Easy enough for you.
-Daron looks at John and opens his mouth angry, but closes it and faces the carpet again-
John: What do you want to say, Daron?
Daron: Nothing. What do you want me to do?
-John throws a pack of the drugs to Daron-
John: Sell it, nothing more.
Daron: Okay, do I get money?
-Daron stores it in his jacket-
John: We'll talk about it later.
You know the prices?
Daron: Of course.
John: Then?
-Daron wants to leave-
John: And, Daron,
-Daron looks at John-
John: No more mistakes!
-John makes an unambiguous gesture and Daron nods and leaves fast-
John: I hate this bastard!
Serj: And he hates you. See, you have something in common with him.
-John leaves the room and Serj grins at Shavo who answers the same way-
Shavo: Funny.
Serj: Want to play something?
Shavo: And what?
Serj: Chess?
Shavo: You want to loose?
Serj: Maybe...
Did you know, that undercover police drives Chevrolet?
Shavo: No, where did you learn that?
Serj: A small bird told me.
-Shavo laughs and grabs Serj-
Shavo: Common, want to beat you.
-Both leave for playing chess-

-4. Sammeln, sparen, strahlen-

Serj and Shavo sit on a balcony and play chess. Shavo is loosing and thinks about saving his king.

Serj: Check, Shavo, check!
Shavo: I see it.
-John comes out and looks at the board-
John: What are you doing?
Serj: Winning!
-Shavo places a figure-
Shavo: We'll see.
John: Don't you have something to do?
Serj: We have a 24 hour job.
-Serj thinks about the game and beats Shavo's queen-
Serj: Check! Again.
Shavo: I see it, I see it!
John: Heard about these fucking japs?
Serj: Heard what?
John: While the police was searching my house they arrested five of them.
Serj: Nice to hear this.
-Shavo places one of his knights-
Shavo: Check! Ha!
-Serj frowns and beats the knight with his queen-
Serj: And Mate, thanks.
Shavo: Argh! But...
-Shavo breeds over the board-
Serj: Did you know, that undercover police drives Chevrolet, John?
John: No, who told you?
Shavo: A small bird. I guess it was green.
Serj: The daughter of a policeman. He lives in Daron's neighbourhood.
John: And you think she told the truth?
Serj: Yes, drunks and children tell always the truth.
Shavo: And green-feathered birds.
John: Would you please check them?
Serj: Why?
John: I want more details about these cars and maybe... maybe I know the lovely policeman.
Serj: Want to see him in his grave?
John: Something like this.
Serj: Poor kid.
John: Life is cruel, this isn't the paradise.
Shavo: I don't get it! You really won...
Serj: Life is cruel, this isn't the paradise.
John: Stop copying me!
Serj: Of course.
John: Would you please just check them out?
Serj: Now?!
-Serj looks in the high sun-
John: You just have to look around there, no killings.
Serj: Okay.
Shavo, come with me.
Shavo: Okay?!
John: Yeah, it's okay.
-Serj and Shavo leave for Daron's house, John sits to the table and places the figures new-
John: Let's see.
-John's brother joins him-
Brother: You want to play alone?
John: Not really.
-John's brother sits down-
Brother: I take white.
John: Do it. Is mum still upset?
Brother: Yes, she invents every hour a new cruel name for your carpets.
John: She has to cope with it. I won't buy new ones. It's my house now; it's my decision that counts.
Brother: Ah, don't start a war with mum. She'll win it, although she lost this battle.
-John places his figures randomly-
John: I know. But she won't hate me because of furniture, will she?
Brother: She loves every of us, but, you know her. She never forgets she's like an elephant!
John: I'll make something big that satisfies her.
-John's brother looks over the board-
Brother: John.
John: What?
Brother: Play or stop it. I want a good game.
John: I do my best.
Brother: You play poor.
John: I sent Serj after one of these police-bastards.
Brother: Which one?
John: I don't know. That's why he spies out. His daughter knows some details of the undercover work, so he must be some big fish.
Brother: That's true.
-John plays better and beats a castle of his brother-
John: I'll tell our parents, if Serj brings good news.
Brother: As long as we don't have to see police here again.
John: As long as we can hide our things, I don't care.
Brother: Don't you be afraid of them?
John: Common, they know who we're but they can't proof it.
Brother: Care of them, don't play with them.
-John places his bishop-
John: Mate. I'll do.
-John stands up and leaves the balcony, his brother watches him-
Brother: I have bad feelings about your future, my dear brother.
-John's bother walks into John's office and sits behind the desk-
Brother: But this will be mine.
-John's brother strokes the desk smiling-
Brother: Mine...

Change? Pls

That's all folks!

Believing that everything is not one - that is the biggest evil in the world

Read what the GDR is, if you don't know!

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Beißende Hunde Part2
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