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 Beißende Hunde Part2.1

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PostSubject: Beißende Hunde Part2.1   Fri Feb 15, 2008 7:29 am

Part two of part two -.-'

- 5. Das kann man auch mit nem Nissan Micra machen-

Daron stands in the backyard of the same underground club again and sells his heroine. On of the door guards joins him, igniting a cigarette.

Door guard: What are you doing there, boy?
Daron: I sell drugs, like I always do. You know it and all the junkies of this hood know it. Don't call me boy!
Door guard: It's no good idea to do that.
-Daron looks up to the face of the 7 feet high man-
Daron: What is your problem?
Door guard: The cops arrested a lot of people here yesterday and now they're all around here.
Daron: Oh shit.
Door guard: Yes, it's shit. The godamn cops got information from a guy and now they try to get all the evil boys here, boy.
Daron: Don't call me boy!
Door guard: How do you want to stop me, boy?
-Daron looks from the feet of the guy up to his head and back again-
Daron: I know of that guy. The mafia cared of him this morning.
Door guard: Would you please leave this area? I don't want to get arrested.
Daron: Mmh, I do. I'm just waiting for someone.
Door guard: You can wait on the other side of the street.
Daron: Oh, okay.
Door guard: Hurry, boy.
-Daron grumbles a quiet "Bastard" and walks away. He finds another backyard where some teenagers sit on dumpsters. They all have pale faces and look dumb around the area. One girl walks to Daron-
Kid: Hey, bro.
Daron: Hey?
Kid: What did you over there?
Daron: I talked to people.
-The girl looks at Daron's pocket-
Kid: Would you talk to me, too?
-Daron rolls his eyes-
Daron: What do you want?
Kid: Crack.
-Daron frowns-
Daron: I don't sell crack. Crack is shit. Do you want some coke?
Kid: Yes.
-She looks over to her friends-
Kid: Come, he has some.
-Daron sells the group some drugs and faces the club after it, the kids leave the yard. Daron imitates the guard and watches angry the passing people. Someone puts his hand on his shoulder-
Someone: You're really strange, warumono.
-Daron turns around alarmed and sees the Japanese with the katana-
Daron: What...?
Japanese: Why are you here?
-The man still has his hand on Daron's shoulder and Daron tries to free from him-
Daron: I just wait for someone.
-The man takes some bags with drugs out of Daron's pocket-
Japanese: You sell drugs in our hood.
Daron: Give it back to me!
Japanese: No. You came to our area and you brought us a gift. I guess, you can leave now, I won't kill you now.
Daron: Your...? Hey, that district belongs to John!
-The man pushes Daron away from him, Daron’s cell-phone starts ringing and he mutes it while facing again the man in front of him-
Japanese: Go and tell him, that we took it.
Daron: You can't...
-The Japanese takes his blade-
Japanese: You have 10 seconds. 10
Daron: You asshole! Give me...
Japanese: 9
Daron: my stuff back! You can't...
Japanese: 8
Daron: take it! I need to...
Japanese: 7
Daron: sell it!
Japanese: 6, you should hurry now. 5
Daron: Oh shit. Give it back!
Japanese: 4, I'm serious!
Daron: You godamn assholes!
Japanese: 3, I kill you
Daron: Try it!
Japanese: 2
-Daron stares at him while he counts to cero. The Japanese brandishes his katana and Daron runs to his car and drives home-

- 6. Und da und hu!-

Serj and Shavo are standing in the garden of Daron and Serj feeds some of the rabbits.

Shavo: Those are a lot of rabbits.
Serj: Yes, Daron is something like the rabbit-Jesus.
Shavo: Oh my god.
Serj: Can you see something?
Shavo: No, the child plays in the garden and the wife is making food. But the husband didn't show up yet.
Serj: Man, I'm bored.
Shavo: Maybe Daron shows up.
Serj: And does what?
Shavo: No idea. Something that is not boring.
Serj: Daron is mostly boring. Because his day-routine contains of sitting on the couch watching TV and feeding rabbits.
Shavo: Hell yeah, that is indeed boring.
Serj: As I said.
-A car passes Daron's house and drives to the watched house-
Shavo: Ah, Daddy is back from work.
-Serj looks up and his eyes widen-
Serj: This very night someone will die.
Shavo: Who?
Serj: Oh Shavo, the guy over there.
Shavo: Why?
Serj: Because I know him.
Shavo: Who is that?
Serj: Detective 'One-day-I-get-you-doing-illegal-things-and-gonna-arrest-you-and-your- whole-family-Mr. Dolmayan'
Shavo: Ah, okay. I never saw him.
Serj: Because last time he showed up you were at Hawaii letting the sun burn your skin.
-Daron arrives, looking really pissed-
Serj: Shut the fuck up Daron!
-Serj pokes Daron heavy in his belly-
Serj: Do what the adults are telling you, boy!
-Daron quieks and looks angry at Serj, trying to say something, the neighbors of Daron are looking over their fences to them-
Serj: Daron! Don't scream at us! We wanted to make a small birthday party for you, but you showed up too early!
-Shavo nods, watching the curios neighbors, Daron looks puzzled at Serj-
Daron: But today isn't my birth...
-Serj gives Daron a special look-
Daron: Ah...uh...yes?
Serj: Let's go in and discuss what we do now.
Daron: Okay...
-The neighbors and also the watched family go back to their things when they see, that nothing special will happen and the three go to Daron's house-
Daron: What are you doing here?
Serj: Observating your cop-neighbor!
Daron: Who is a cop?
Shavo: Do you ever leave your house?
Serj: The father of the girl who is helping you with your rabbit-farm out there.
Daron: And why don't you tell me that?
Serj: I tried to phone you, but you didn't answer your cell-phone.
Daron: Yes, there is something I have to tell you.
Serj: What?
Daron: These japs stole the drugs!
Serj: What?!
Daron: Yes. They now took rule over the district I used to sell the stuff.
Shavo: And why didn't you silly maggot try to protect it?
Daron: I did! But he wanted to kill me! I don't want to die!
Serj: Daron!
Daron: What? You know something? I quit! Forget it! I rather go selling newspapers than dieing because of your nasty secrets!
Serj: You can't go back!
Daron: Stop it! Do you hear me? You involved me to the whole shit!
Serj: You chose it.
Daron: And now I choose the opposite! In the last week were so much times people tried to kill me! I don't want to die!
Shavo: Traitor!
Serj: Discuss this with John.
Daron: NO! No! No way. He'll kill me, too!
Serj: Daron, calm down!
Daron: NO!
-Daron walks upstairs to his bedroom-
Serj: What are you doing?
Daron: I gonna pack! I'll leave the town!
Serj: Where are you going?
-Serj follows Daron who pulls a suitcase out of his wardrobe-
Daron: I won't tell you. If I'll do, you guys will follow. Nah, I go somewhere you won't find me.
-Shavo also enters the bedroom-
Shavo: You go to Mars?
Daron: Don't play tricks with me!
-Serj laughs-
Serj: Try it. I'll tell it Dolmayan-family; you'll see what will happen to you.
Daron: I know pretty well, what will happen.
-Daron starts crying-
Daron: Leave my house, please. Kill my neighbors, if you feel the need, but leave me out of this. I quit it now.
Serj: Okay. We'll leave. Do whatever you like, we'll get you.
-Serj turns around, gives Shavo a sign and leaves. Shavo spats on the floor and follows Serj-
Daron: Hopefully I don't have to see you again!
-Daron packs his cloth, still crying and sobbing, then leaves around 20 minutes later, too and drives away. He heads for Las Vegas. When the moon is rising, a car follows him, but he is too upset to realize it-

- 7. Tränen des Autors-

Serj drives fast into the entrance of John's residence and hurries out of the car. He leaves Shavo in the car and don't cares about the curios looks he gets from the people in the house while rushing through it, looking for John. He finds him in his chimney room reading. John looks up from his book, as he hears Serj running in the room.

John: What the fuck happened to you?
Serj: Daron left the town!
Serj: But he...
John: Is he going to the police?
Serj: No.
John: See, why being so upset? We have enough time to care for him tomorrow. And of course we care about you!
Serj: Me?
John: Yes, you.
-John smiles and imitates Serj-
John: 'You can trust him! He'll be a loyal employee! I'll be responsible for his steps! I trust him!'
-Serj's eyes widen-
Serj: What do you mean?
John: What do I mean?
-John throws his book away, grabs Serj at the neck and presses him against a wall-
John: You know pretty well what I mean!
Serj: John, please, you're stru...
-John grabs harder and Serj struggles for breath-
Serj: Let...me...
John: Should I let you go farer? Destroying my small firm?
Serj: John...please...the... cop...
John: Ah yes, the cop.
-John looses the grab and Serj falls to his knees, coughing-
Serj: John...
-John kicks Serj in the stomach-
John: I know how I named, you fucking son of a bitch!
-John continues kicking and Serj tries to escape from him, coughing and crying-
John: You Bastard! You're a traitor! I should've never listened to a bitch like you.
-Shavo enters the room and holds John back-
Shavo: What are you doing?
-John spats on Serj and pushes Shavo away-
John: I just thought him a lesson.
Shavo: Don't you want to hear what he's saying?
-John goes back to his seat. Serj crawls over the floor, trying to stand up-
John: Now he can speak.
Serj: We... we...
Shavo: We were at Daron's house. Daron left the town, he don't want to die for you.
John: Look, this crawling maggot over there told me already about it. What else?
Shavo: Ahem, we found out who the cop is.
-Serj nods, still kneeing on the floor-
Serj: It's...detective...ah...
John: Looks like you understood me, Serj.
Serj: I...I understood you...
-Serj stands up, but holds himself on the wall-
Serj: It's detective Barbera.
John: Ah, I hate him.
-John stands up again, Serj walks away from him, but he is not interested in Serj and goes to the window, looking out-
Shavo: Barbera, funny name.
John: The guy isn't that funny. He's hunting for my family. Silly guy.
-John turns around-
John: He'll be a pretty example. You said he has a wife and a lovely daughter?
-Shavo nods, Serj whispers 'no'-
John: I have an idea. Serj, you can do something for me.
Serj: No!
John: Yes, you will. You will visit them tonight. Kill them, him, his wife and his daughter.
Serj: I don't... shoot children.
John: You will!
Serj: No!
John: You or the girl, it's your choice.
Serj: You...you godamn asshole!
-John grabs Serj at the shoulders and presses him against the wall again-
John: SERJ! This is not the godamn welfare! I want to open up the newspaper tomorrow and I want to see it on page one! Three dead bodies and a lot of blood! Kill them, and their fucking dog, the hamster, the mice in the walls and the ants in the kitchen!
-John pushes Serj to the floor again-
John: Did you understand this?
-Serj nods slowly-
John: Okay! Everything’s fine. Go to work!
And, Shavo?
Shavo: Huh?
John: Follow Daron. Sometimes the roads can be very dangerous and sometimes cars flew out of the bends.
Shavo: Sounds logical, but I don't know where he's going.
John: My sister knows how you can find cell-phones. Serj will give you his number.
Leave now.
-Shavo nods and helps Serj leaving the room-
John: Why can't books have a GPS-signal?
-John searches his book and continues reading-

Shavo and Serj prepare for their jobs this night. Serj tries his best not to think of the girl's death while cleaning his guns.

At half past three in the morning the doorbell rings at Barbera's.


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Beißende Hunde Part2.1
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