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 BeiŖende Hunde Part3

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PostSubject: BeiŖende Hunde Part3   Wed Feb 20, 2008 7:53 am

And the finally last part of the fiction found it's way on virtual paper! Feel free to post it on other sites, but credit me, I'm the author!

BeiŖende Hunde 3
By Bradford Nathan Jesus Pirate Apple Killerguitar


-1. Geben und Nehmen-

The sun is just rising and bathes the world in diffuse light. Serj is sitting on the doorsteps of Johnís house and stares at the horizon. Heís playing nervous with his hair while smoking one cigarette after the other. As he sees something blinking at the gates of the estate he stands up and walks to them. The paperboy just disappears at the end of the road as Serj reaches his goal and fingers the newspaper out of the mailbox. He walks back to his steps and takes a look in it. As he sees the article on page one tears come to his eyes.

Serj: DaronÖ
-Serj strives over the paper and Shavo comes out of the house-
Shavo: Serj? Why are you down here at this time?
Serj: I had a job to do, remember? I wasnít in bed at all this night.
Shavo: Oh yes, I remember! And?
-Serj looks away from him-
Serj: And what? I did it.
Shavo: Serj, whatís wrong with you? Are you crying?
Serj: No.
-Serj wipes the tears out of his eyes-
Serj: Iím just tired.
Shavo: What is this in your hand?
Serj: A newspaper.
Shavo: Let me see.
-Shavo takes it out of Serjís hands and his eyes became big-
Shavo: You have to show it to John!
Serj: Heíll be still sleeping. I go to my room and wait until dear John will wake up.
Shavo: Donít you thinkÖ
Serj: I donít want to wake up John! I love my life, okay? Heíll kill me if I disturb his sleep just because of a newspaper-article!
Shavo: ButÖ
Serj: Nothing but. It wonít change anything if we wait a few hours to tell it to him.
-Serj stands up and walks in, Shavo takes a second look in the paper-
Shavo: Well, I think he should know now.
-Shavo sighs-
Shavo: But I donít want to get killed anyways.
-After a while Shavo also walks in and knocks on the door of Serjís apartment-
Shavo: Serj?
-He waits a few minutes but gets no answer and walks in. Serjís living room is empty, so he goes to the door of Serjís bedroom and knocks there-
Serj: What?
Shavo: Hey, itís me. I wanted to talk to you.
-Shavo tries to open the door, but itís locked-
Serj: Wait a moment! IímÖ. Iím right ÖI just have to take my cloth on!
Shavo: I see.
Serj: Just wait a moment!
-Shavo waits until Serj opens the door. He slips through the door, hiding the content of the room with his body and locks the door right after him-
Shavo: Serj, are you hiding something?
Serj: Yeah, Easter-Eggs.
Shavo: But itís July, itís too early for Easter!
Serj: You have to be prepared in time.
Shavo: What are you hiding there?
Serj: Nothing of your business!
Shavo: Sure?
Serj: This is my apartment! Maybe itís in Johnís house, but itís mine, okay? I can lock the doors whenever I want to! And now please let me my secrets, I donít start examining your apartment, do I?
Shavo: Yes, youíre right, itís okay.
Serj: What do you want?
Shavo: I want to go to John with you. I heard him screaming through the hall, so heís probably awake.
Serj: I doubt that he can sleep-screaming.
Shavo: At least not in the hall. I wonder what is it heís so mad about.
Serj: Weíll see quite soon.
-Shavo tries to smile but gave it up and walks out of the room with Serj together-

-2. So, fertig!-

Shavo and Serj enter Johnís office. John sits behind his desk in his morning robe looking at them upset.

John: Serj! I gonna kill you!
Serj: Whatís your problem?
John: Have you read the newspaper?
Serj: Yes
John: Didnít I tell you that I want to see three dead bodies?
Serj: Actual they reported about three murders.
-Serj and John stare at each other for a moment-
John: Whereís the girl?
Serj: I donít know. She wasnít there. Maybe she was at her granÖ
John: She has no relatives except one aunt! Where the hell is she?
Serj: I donít know! I checked the whole house! Maybe she was Ö maybe, I donít know!
John: You took here away! YOU!
Shavo: Serj hides something in his bedroom.
-Serj looks disappointed and surprised at Shavo-
Serj: No! I just didnít want to let you see whatís in there!
-John looks anticipated at Serj-
John: You brought her to my house?
Serj: No! I guess she was just lucky last night.
John: Shavo, check Serjís apartment.
Shavo: He locked it.
-John throws a key to Shavo-
John: Here.
-Shavo catches the key and leaves the room-
Serj: Well, thereís no girl in my bedroom. But it would be nice to have some there.
John: I hope so.
-Serj watches the walls sad and tired-
John: Are you crying?
-Serj shakes his head-
Serj: Daron died last nightÖ
John: I know, so what?
-Serj looks away from him-
Serj: He was my friend.
John: You brought him to me.
Serj: I know, what do you think.
Itís nice that you care so much.
John: What youíre up to?
-Serj sighs and walks to his chair-
Serj: You know the Japanese Mafia killed Daron?
John: Yes, looks like it.
Serj: They thought he was one of your guys.
John: And? They solved a problem for me.
I guess I should send them a gift basket.
Serj: Do you feel save?
John: Yes!
Serj: Theyíll kill more of your people.
John: Sure.
Serj: Listen, they started a war. It was an attack which should hurt you.
-Serj leans back looking out of the window. John thinks about Serjís words-
John: Maybe youíre right.
-Shavo enters the room giggling-
John: Whatís so funny? I donít pay you for laughing!
Shavo: I found what Serj tried to hide.
John: Spit it out!
Shavo: Porn magazines!
-Serj becomes light red and John grins at him while putting the key back in the desk-
Serj: Maybe I hid a girl there.
John: Itís okay Serj.
Shavo: What were you talking about?
Serj: Daron.
Shavo: And?
John: It seems like they tried to kill on of my man. Iím not quite happy about this. Visit them and find out what theyíre up to.
Shavo: Just checking?
Serj: I want revenge!
John: Serj, youíre more truthful than I thought. I leave it up to you. I have enough from them at the moment. I want my information tomorrow at noon.
-John leaves the room-
Shavo: Hey, you did well.
Serj: Do this never again.
-Shavo shrugs playing with a cigarette-
Serj: I need some rest. Letís meet at 4pm.
Shavo: Ah, time for my girlfriend.
Serj: Shavyís in love?
Shavo: Will you shut up?
Serj: Sure!
-Serj raises his hands and walks to his apartment-
-3. Geht das nicht lauter?-

Serj walks in his bedroom. He takes the porn magazines lying on his bed and stuffs them
under it. He looks through the room and sighs.

Serj: Itís me, you can come out.
-The door of his wardrobe opens and the missing girl comes out of it-
Serj: Youíre a good girl, Britney.
-Serj opens his arms and Britney cuddles against him-
Britney: Why do I have to hide?
Serj: Itís a dangerous place here. Someone could come in and take you away.
Britney: Where are we?
Serj: As I told you, itís my apartment.
Britney: It looks like a house.
Serj: I told you to stay away from the windows!
-Serj walks to his window and closes the curtains-
Serj: Itís the house of my employer and he has a key for my apartment.
Britney: I want to go home.
-Serj hugs her again-
Serj: I know, but I canít bring you back. Youíre in great danger there.
Britney: But my Daddy will save me!
-A tear rolls over Serjís cheek-
Serj: Your Daddy canít protect you anymore.
Britney: Why? What happened to my parents? Why did you kidnap me?
Serj: Shh! I didnít knidap you. I saved you.
Britney: What happened to my Mummy and Daddy?
Serj: They areÖ
-Britney starts crying and sobs against Serjís chest-
Serj: Shh, everything will be fine.
Britney: MummyÖ
-Serj sighs deeply and looks afraid through the room before he takes Britneyís head and looks
into her face-
Serj: Listen, last night aweful things happened. Didnít you hear the gun-shots?
-Britney answers with loud sobs-
Serj: Shh, donít cry.
-Serj cuddles Britney-
Serj: Your parents are in heaven now. I couldnít do anything, Iím sorry for this.
Britney: Your friend Daron promised to care for me.
-Serj stares at the wall with horror in his eyes-
Serj: Did he?
Britney: Yes! Letís go to Daron! Heíll save you and me!
Serj: I fear Daron also left us?
Britney: No! Not Daron!
-Britney jumps up and runs to the door, Serj runs after her and pulls her back hard-
Britney: Youíre hurting me!
Serj: Shh, you have to be more quiet!
-He carries her back to the bed-
Serj: You canít leave.
Britney: You killed my parents and kidnapped me!
Serj: NO! How can you think this? I saved you!
-Britney cuddles Serj and starts again sobbing loud-
Serj: You have to believe me, Iím the only one.
Britney: Whatís about my Aunty?
-Serj pats her head-
Serj: If everythingís calmed down I bring you to your aunt and everything will be okay.
Britney: I want to see her now!
Serj: Thatís not possible.
Please stop crying. You can stay here for a few days and then I bring you to your aunt.
-Serj smiles hopefully at Britney and she stares back unsure. After a few seconds she crawls
under Serjís blanket. Serj walks to a bag and takes out a quite old teddy-bear and shows it to
Serj: Look what I have here!
Britney: Oh! Mr.Ted!
Serj: Yes.
-Serj passes the teddy to Britney who takes it and sobs now at the teddyís chest-
Serj: I go to my bathroom and dress for bed. Please stay here and do nothing stupid, okay?
Britney: Okay.
-Serj leaves for the bathroom, as he comes back Britney has fallen asleep. He sighs again
deeply and lies down next to her-
Serj: What did I done to you? Oh, Iím so sorry.
If everythingís over we both start a new life, promised.
-Serj kisses Britney on the cheek and puts his head on the pillows-

Change? Pls

That's all folks!

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BeiŖende Hunde Part3
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