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 Mysterious dreams

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PostSubject: Mysterious dreams   Fri Feb 22, 2008 10:44 pm

Ok, this is a shitty fic I am writing.
% chapters, I post here the first two ones^^
I hope you will enjoy them^^
albino (OMG this smiley is so cute!!^^)
Chapter one
The phone started to ring after I had closed my eyes.
I said a little fuck with low voice and then I answered.
Nobody said anything there, they hung up.
I said fuck again, and I closed my eyes to get some sleep.
I couldn’t have closed them, that somebody knocked the door.
“What the fuck! What do you want?”
A man’s voice answered from outside.
“You have to go on stage!”
Oh, yes.
The concert.
I was forgetting that.
“Yeah I come, just wait a second.”
I put my hat on my head, and then I got out from the room.
“On stage, dude. The show must go on.”
I was truly embarrassed by the reaction that the audience had.
OK, I got on the stage with only my hat and underwear on, but it’s not my fault if here things are happening more and more faster.
It’s the second tour I start in less than a year, holy cow.
And I am tired.
After that embarrassing moment, I came back to my little room, I dressed up and I made my stupid concert.
Now I am here, sitting on the sofa, smoking a fag and reading newspapers.
Someone is coming, I hear foot steps coming nearer and nearer.
“Who is now?! I asked to be left alone!”
A young girl came in, without asking any form of permission.
I looked in her eyes.
“You are pretty rude, aren’t you? I said I wanted to be left alone.”
She answered sweetly.
“I thought you were nicer with your fans. Ok, I will go away, if you want me to do that.”
“No…”I said, before even realizing what I was saying.
She didn’t even smile.
Pretty rude again.
I was giving her the concession to breath my same air for 5 minutes, and plus, I am really tired, so, I would have loved to see a smile on that little face.
“Can I please have an autograph, Serj?”
“Of course…your name?”
She laughed, and I felt pretty confused.
“Just leave a blank space, Serj. You will soon discover who I am.”
I was feeling more and more confused.
Who is she?
She took the piece of paper and she got out from the room.
I sat down again on the sofa, and I was going to close my eyes again, when she put her head back in the room and said:
“Ok, baby. It’s time to wake up.”
I opened my eyes, and I realized it was a dream.
A weird one, too.
But, then, I discovered that something was wrong.
The sheet of paper I signed for that girl was on my trousers, with a thin message near it.
“I wait you in Sunset boulevard, maggot.
Oh, yeah.
This hasn’t been just a dream.
And I need to go there.
Sunset boulevard, I am coming.
Chapter two.
Good morning world.
I am in an extremely good mood.
My coffee is hot, my chick is sleeping in my bed and I am walking naked through the house.
My life is great.
I am preparing my new project, and I feel like the most MASSIVE person in the world.
Nothing can break my happiness this morning..
I close my eyes for a second, then, when I re-open them, I find two deep blue eyes looking at me.
I can’t help screaming.
“What the hell?!?! Who are you? What are you doing in my house?!”
The eyes belong to a girl, that looks at my penis.
“I knew it was MASSIVE, but, oh my gosh…”
“EXCUSE ME?! Look in my eyes! Who are you?” I scream, blushing like a little child, and I pick a duvet to cover my nakedness.
“Hello John” she says, touching my shoulder.
I start to get scared.
She knows me.
Ok, I know she knows me, or she wouldn’t have been here.
“What do you want from me?”
She laughs.
“To burn your comics.”
“NO!”I scream, jumping in front of my bookcase., “you won’t touch my babies!”
She laughs more.
“Don’t worry, I don’t want to hurt your comics. I don’t want to hurt you. I just came here for one thing.”
She starts to take her jacket off, and I close my eyes.
No, another naked woman in my house no…
Or yes?
I open my eyes, and I see this girl sitting on my sofa, with her jacket on her knees and a note pad in her hands.
“Don’t worry, John. I just want you to sign my notepad.”
I look in her eyes.
I am surprised.
She came in my house, she entered my room, she saw my penis, just to ask me an autograph?!?!
“Are you sure?”
She smiles sweetly.
“Of course I am, Johnny D.. Just sign this.”
I do, I sign that damn notepad, and I sit near this weird girl.
I don’t know exactly what happens, but she jumps on my neck and leaves a love bite there.
I scream.
“Are you crazy?”
She doesn’t answer, and she stands up, saying:
”Wake up, comic hero…”
I open my eyes, and I find myself in my bed, with my chick near me.
I stand up, I can’t believe what I dreamed.
When I go in front of the mirror, I get scared.
First, I have a love bite on my neck, and second, there is a message, scribbled with lipstick on it.
“Comic hero, I wait you in Sunset boulevard.
I can’t help my curiosity.
I say goodbye at my chick, and I leave my place, to go back home

I'd like to see your opinions^^
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PostSubject: Re: Mysterious dreams   Sat Feb 23, 2008 4:00 pm

Oh, Im glad you posted it here, too Smile

Im still curious about the next part... I love stories about dreams, they are always interesting and somehow crazy, I wonder whow this will turn out to be...
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Banned Member

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PostSubject: Re: Mysterious dreams   Sat Feb 23, 2008 8:35 pm

you are kid! - to DarkStar.
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Orange Light

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PostSubject: Re: Mysterious dreams   Sat Feb 23, 2008 11:40 pm

It’s time to check my Myspace page, that’s why I am switching on the computer at 3.45 in the morning.
I yawn, and I see the pale reflection of my face on the monitor.
The connection is too slow tonight...bah, I don’t even have enough power to see an hentai in a good way.
Bah again.
I feel so tired, I really can’t fight that.
Maybe an aspirin?Nope, it’s not my style.
A cigarette is enough, I suppose.
Where the fuck I left my lighter?!
Oh, it’s here…in a girl’s hand?
I am a little bit surprised, and I look at this person in the eyes.
So blue, so deep.
Wake up Shavo, you are not having a trip.
She smiles sweetly.
“Hello, Shavarsh. How are you?”
I don’t have the strength to ask this girl who she is and from where she entered my house.
“I know what are you thinking” she says, sitting on my lap, “You don’t know who I am right? You are too tired to make any question, aren’t you?”
I take her hand and I say, with a tired voice.
“I know who you are.”
She becomes pale, and I smile.
“I am jokin, I don’t know who you are. Do you want a fag?”
She looks at me in a surprise way.
She didn’t expect my wake up from my zombieness. Her presence makes me feel alive.
“You are better than the aspirine!” I say, lighting the second fag in less than two minutes.
She laughs.
“Yeah I know”
She sakes on my lap.
Why the Hell did I let this unknown girl sit on my lap?
She must have felt something wrong, because she stands up and gives me a note pad.
“Autograph, please?”
I smile again, looking a her eyes behind the notepad.
“You are pretty weird, or special, If you prefere .”
She smiles.
“This is my job, bass player. And kick ass on stages is yours, isn’t it?”
“Yes, of course. But you came here in my house to ask me just an autograph?”
“I must say, not at all Shavarsh. I must be sincere with you. I am not here just for you.”
My expression must be very interrogative, because she leaves the room sayin:
”Wake up, Shavoch Holmes…you will understand soon”
I open my eyes.
Holy cow, it is very early.
It’s 5,20 am, I must have slept a lot of time.
Gosh, it sounded so real…
I still feel her warm breath against my face.
When I look at computer screen, I see my surprise.
“Shavoch Holmes, you maggot, fight your laziness. See you in Sunset boulevard.
Ok, first step to fight laziness, stand up.
Second step, prepare my luggage, and meet this person in Sunset boulevard.
Los Angeles, I am coming just for you.
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PostSubject: Re: Mysterious dreams   Sun Feb 24, 2008 11:51 am

Shavoch Holmes, lol, that made my day!

And @ Vit, what have I done this time? *wonders*
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PostSubject: Re: Mysterious dreams   

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Mysterious dreams
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