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 24 hours in the life of... Part 2

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PostSubject: 24 hours in the life of... Part 2   Thu May 01, 2008 2:38 pm

here we go.... Smile


A couple of hours later...
John: Okay, guys, thatís it for today, I guess. We did quite a lot, more than I had expected.
Schnibbel: Yeah, just because this stupid motherfucker Iím unfortunately attached to was finally able to shut up for some time.
Daron: What the fuck is wrong with you, man, I didnít say nothing and you just bash me like no tomorrow?! John, help me! Your dick is not acting like a bitch, what did I do wrong?
John: Uhm, dunno.. my dick is not even talking to me, you know, so....
Schnibbel: He could but thereís no reason to do it.
John: What?!
Schnibbel: Yeah, man, I talked to The Incredible Hulk lately and heís quite happy with you so thereís no need to complain.
John: What do you mean, you talked to.. and HULK? What the fuck...
Schnibbel: Thatís his name, dumbass.
John: Yeah but.. I didnít name it, I mean, him...
Schnibbel: Just because we are attached to your bodies doesnít mean weíre your property and you have to name us like pets.
John: Okay, okay... and.. what did he say, I mean, Hulk?
Schnibbel: He said you treat him well. You wash regularly like humans should, you donít push him into any dirty asshole and he gets blown almost every day. And you donít shown him to the public. This is how dicks should live, man.
John: (scratches his head) Thatís what he told you? I canít believe it.
Daron: So this is the difference? This is why youíre so pissed? Let me tell you one thing, man, if you were as big as Hulk, Iíd treat you like a God.
Schnibbel: Aw, now itís my fault that Iím not a big rod but a small wiener?!
Daron: Maybe it is. Maybe you decided not to grow any longer just because you hate me.
Schnibbel: I donít hate you.
Daron: No?
Schnibbel: No. I mean I might even kinda like you if I wasnít forced to stick with you every single second of my fucking life. You just can be so annoying. Do you know how embarassing it is when you drop your pants on stage and show your ass and even me to everyone in the audience?
Daron: Uhm... I had no idea it might bother you.
Schnibbel: But it does. Iím shy, okay, I donít want to be seen by the whole world.
John: You are shy? Hahahahahaha.
Schnibbel: Shut up, dumbass. I am shy, I just donít show it.
Daron: And if I promise not to drop my pants anymore, I mean, on stage.. will you be a little nicer then?
Schnibbel: No.
Daron: What the fuck... youíre such a dick! Uhm.. I mean.. whatever...
Schnibbel: I will think about being a little nicer if you obey my rules.
Daron: Your rules? Damnit, Iím already obyeing your fucking rules, remember? I let you sing on the whole fucking album, man, what more can you want?
Schnibbel: First of all, shave that carpet off your face.
Daron: No way, dude, this is my new look.
Schnibbel: What look? The I-am-a-filthy-old-bum-look? This thing has to get off. Today.
Daron: No!
Schnibbel: Okay. You know what happens if you donít do what I want. Youíll live like a monk for the rest of your life.
Daron: You canít blackmail me forever, man, Iím not your fucking property, okay, Iím the fucking human here and I decide how I wanna look like.
John: Wait a second... I mean, your dick is right and you look awful with all this filthy hair all over your face but.. maybe it can be useful for us.
Schnibbel: In what way?
John: We will have to do our first performances soon, the people are calling for it. And this is where we will get in trouble, I mean, have you ever thought about how we wanna manage this? Everyone thinks Daron is the singer in SOB but he does not sing. And if he goes on stage and takes you out to sing, we will end up in prison within ten minutes.
Schnibbel: I wonít sing in public anyway. I told you Iím shy.
John: Whatever.
Daron: I donít get it, what does this whole thing have to do with my beard?
John: Youíll have to do playback. You know what that means, donít you? You pretend youíre singing while the voice is actually coming from a tape. And since no one can really see your face under that... thing, they wonít be able to tell itís not you singing.
Schnibbel: Quite a good idea. Youíre a pretty smart guy. Damn, I wish I was your dick.
John: No thank you, Iím very happy with my, uhm, Hulk.
Schnibbel: Alright, asshole, you can keep your carpet. For now.
Daron: I would have kept it anyway, motherfucker.
Schnibbel: Blah, blah, blah. But listen, you gotta stick to my other rules. First of all, you gotta wash at least every second day. Man, youíre sweating like a whole footbal team, itís just gross.
Daron: Okay, okay...
Schnibbel: And no more sodomy.
Daron: WHAT?! Aw no, forget it!!
Schnibbel: What the fuck is wrong with you? If you were gay, alright, there is no other opportunity, but man, do you know how disgusting it is to be inside an asshole?
Daron: But... it feels good.
Schnibbel: No it does not. Imagine someone took you by your feet and stuffed you headlong inside a giantsí ass, would you still think itís fun?
Daron: Uhm.. probably yes...
John: (chuckles) Yeah, he would.
Schnibbel: Shut up, no one talked to you anyway.
Daron: Come on, man, I canít promise you not to do it. I mean, how should I explain it to Jess, she fucking likes it as much as I do.
Schnibbel: Thatís not my problem. You should get rid of her anyway. I canít stand having sex so often.
Daron: Liar! You enjoy it! You wouldnít grow hard several times a day if you didnít like it.
Schnibbel: Yeah, I like sex, thatís true.. I just donít like having sex when you are around. Man, youíre so fucking gross when youíre aroused, bleh, I canít understand why Jessica is not running away from you anyway.
Daron: Because she loves me.
Schnibbel: She must be insane. Or very desperate.
John: (coughs) Guys, stop it, I donít wanna hear any more about your sexlife. Ugh, Iím already feeling sick.
Schnibbel: Man, if I had your girl, I would stay hard for the rest of my life.
John: Donít talk about her that way!
Schnibbel: Haha, donít think Hulk doesnít tell me about you and her. Oh yes. Youíre a bad boy, Johnny, yes, you are.
John: (blushes) Shut up!
Daron: (chuckles) Is there anything you wanna tell me, John? Huh?
John: Uhm, no. And now take your dick and get the fuck outta here!
Daron: (whispers) Hey, Schnibbel, come on, tell me!
Schnibbel: Hehe, no.
Daron: Aw come on! Iím curious! What does he do?
Schnibbel whispers something at Daron, Daron giggles and nods.
Daron: Aww John... I always thought you were a nice guy... tsk, tsk...
John: (throws his drumsticks at Daron) Get the fuck out !!!

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PostSubject: Re: 24 hours in the life of... Part 2   Thu May 01, 2008 6:20 pm

Ingenious Silke , really ingenious ... Clapping
Schnibbel īs first sentence is telling . of course , now I know why he is so bad-temepered always .
and thereīs more he has to tell, which - ew !!! - makes me understand him better .

The legendary Hulk....well ...you didnīt use the word "massive" until now .
Ihope we will hear more from him snapy
but Schnibbel "the wiener" Wink will be getting more and more jealous ,
when Hulk is telling , how good he is treated... Rolling Eyes
But firstable it will be highly interesting how this "playback-performance" will work out bounce ...ooh ..tension people , tension ! ....
Suspect ..just imagine , their betrayal would be discovered . Shocked
and poor little Schnibbel would be in the open again . and he hates it !! affraid

I l ove how real your conversations sound and I love your style anyway and you know it already.... Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: 24 hours in the life of... Part 2   Fri May 02, 2008 12:05 am

Yeah genious. Makes us all curios what all the other dicks there have to say. And I don't get that I'm really sitting here thinking what Shavo's and Serj's dicks might say.
Apropos dicks. It's quite funny when Daron talks to Schnibbel. Daron uses motherfucker, dick, fuck and this words all the time and well, what to say:
Schnibbels job is to fuck, he also fucks mothers and he is indeed a dick. I guess I write a profile of Schnibbel, it would be so fucking hilarious!

Change? Pls

That's all folks!

Believing that everything is not one - that is the biggest evil in the world

Read what the GDR is, if you don't know!
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PostSubject: Re: 24 hours in the life of... Part 2   Sun May 04, 2008 4:01 pm

Shavo : damn ,Serj ...why donīt you believe it ? must I show it ? here ,take a look

Serj : come on...you want to tell me your cock has begun to talk , too ? MWAHHAAAA - does he want to play bass now ??
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PostSubject: Re: 24 hours in the life of... Part 2   Mon May 05, 2008 7:38 am

FUNNY!!!! Laughing Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: 24 hours in the life of... Part 2   

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24 hours in the life of... Part 2
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